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250 days later - Questions to Government on Burmese nuclear scheme remain unanswered

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 17 Aug 2011

Questions over potential Australian action on Burma's alleged nuclear program have remained unanswered by the Government for 250 days, the Australian Greens said today.

Senator Scott Ludlam put the questions on notice to the Minister representing the Foreign minister in the Senate chamber in December last year.

"In May we were told the Government was concerned about Burma's alleged nuclear problem but ‘the most' they could do was monitor developments. On December 6th I asked what had been done to monitor Burma's alleged weapons program. 254 days later - there has been no answer. I asked further questions on December 17th, still no answer."

Senator Ludlam said fears about collaboration between the North Korean and Burmese dictatorships were well founded and the Australia Government must take nuclear disarmament seriously.

"Last year I asked how Australia has used its position on the Board of Governors, and Australia's Mission in Vienna, to address this potentially very serious nuclear proliferation issue in our region. It's August - and there has been no explanation."

Senator Ludlam will formally ask the Government to explain the extraordinary delay in the Senate today at the conclusion of Question Time.

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