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10 Jobs for Joe Hockey

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 10 Jun 2015

10 Jobs For Joe Hockey
[That Would Make It Tough To Buy A House]

When it comes to housing affordability, Treasurer Joe Hockey has advised people looking to buy a home to "get a good job that pays good money".

As alternative to the Treasurer's advice the Greens have announced a plan to reform negative gearing, which would help first home buyers and low and middle income earners into the property market, as well as raising funds to end rough sleeping and cut our social housing waiting list.

If Joe was in a different job, he might realise how tough it is to break into the housing market...

1. Joe the Retail Worker

Image: Chris Ison / The Morning Bulletin

2. Joe the Tour guide

Image: Matt Williams MP Matt Williams MP

3. Joe the Wildlife Carer

Image: AAP AAP

4. Joe the Taxi Driver

Image:Kym Smith/ The Australian

5. Joe the Vet Nurse

Image: SBS/Getty SBS

6. Joe the Artist

Image:AAP / The Conversation

7.Joe the Financial Counsellor

Image: Andrew Meares/ Fairfax

8. Joe the Relationship Counsellor

Image: News Corp Australia /

9. Joe the Librarian

Image: Getty / TThe New Daily

10. Joe the Geography Teacher

Image:AAP/ The Australian

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