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Daniel Andrews acknowledged need to protect highest conservation value forest, allowed it to be logged anyway, Senate Inquiry into animal extinction crisis hears

Janet Rice 22 Nov 2018

The Senate Inquiry into Australia’s animal extinction crisis today heard testimony that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews acknowledged the need to protect the highest conservation value forests, but buckled under pressure from VicForests, the state-owned logging company, to allow these forest areas to be logged.

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Fully Funded Public Schools: Australian Greens Launch Package for Public Education

The Australian Greens have announced plans for a huge investment in public schools, committing an additional $4.6 billion for public schools over the next four years and $20.5 billion over the next ten years. Under this plan, all public schools would reach 100% of their Schooling Resource Standard by 2023. This will ensure every public school in Australia has the funding to meet the educational needs of their students, no matter their postcode or their parents’ bank balance.

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Four cents a week for women won’t improve financial security

Larissa Waters 20 Nov 2018

The Government’s attempt at winning back female support with its women’s economic statement today will fail for its lack of funding and lack of vision, Greens spokesperson for women, Senator Larissa Waters said.

“The women’s economic security statement by the Women’s Minister today contains only minor reforms and pittance of new funding - it equates to a mere four cents per week for adult Australian women. Four cents a week will not fix anything for Australian women. 

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Greens call on PM Scott Morrison to apologise to trans and gender diverse Australians on Trans Day of Remembrance

Janet Rice 20 Nov 2018

On this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance, Greens LGBTIQ+ spokesperson Senator Janet Rice acknowledged the importance of the day and paid her respects to the trans and gender diverse people who are no longer with us.

Senator Rice also called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to apologise to all trans and gender diverse Australians for the hurt and damage his past actions have caused.

“This Trans Day of Remembrance I remember the beautiful trans and gender diverse people we have lost because our society refused to celebrate them,” Senator Rice said.

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