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Colin Barnett should show up or give up: Greens

06 Oct 2015

Despite seeking almost $1 billion dollars in federal funding for the Perth Freight Link, WA Premier Colin Barnett is refusing to appear at the Senate Inquiry hearing into the project on Wednesday. 

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Debate on Penalty Rates

17 Sep 2015

Senator Nick McKim's contribution to the debate about moves to cut penalty rates. The Greens will always stand up for the rights of low paid workers.


Nick's Inaugural Speech

09 Sep 2015

Tasmanian Senator Nick McKim delivers his inaugural speech to Parliament.


Mine Your Food Bowl?

28 Aug 2015

Richard has visited the Liverpool Plains and the site of the Shenhua Watermark coal mine, committing to take battle for Liverpool Plains to Canberra.


Senator Waters recommends Senate Inquiry report into domestic violence

20 Aug 2015

 The Australian Greens welcome the tri-partisan support for the domestic violence Senate Inquiry recommendations, released this afternoon, however the recommendations do not go far enough to end this national emergency. 

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