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Senate calls for inquiry into abuse against people with disability in institutions

26 Nov 2014

The Senate has called on the Government to establish a national inquiry into the violence, neglect and abuse against people with disability in residential, institutional and home care settings.


Question Time - Government fails to commit to national inquiry into abuse of people with disability

25 Nov 2014

Senator Siewert asks the Government to committ to a national inquiry into abuse of people with disability.

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Why Does the Future Fund Invest in Fossil Fuels? Part 2

20 Nov 2014

Senator Waters asks Future Fund Chair Peter Costello about divestment from fossil fuels. part 2


Putting Kids First: Senator Penny Wright speaking on the Australian Education Amendment Bill (2014).

18 Nov 2014

Senator Penny Wright speaking on the Australian Education Amendment Bill (2014): "I want to assure everyone listening to this speech—every teacher, every parent and every student—that the Australian Greens are committed to a well-resourced public schooling system with genuine needs-based funding. We are watching this government closely and we will fight to preserve the hard-won Gonski reforms."


Senator Waters: Climate Change - Matter of Public Importance Speech

18 Nov 2014

I rise to speak on this matter of public importance about our Prime Minister's continued denial of the reality of climate change and his continued mealy-mouthed approach to meeting our global responsibilities to assist countries that will suffer from our profligate use of fossil fuels. I am from Queensland, where it has been obvious to all both observing and protesting against the Prime Minister's refusal to put climate change on the G20 agenda that he was totally out of step with the world and out of step with community expectations. Of course, when China and the US reached agreement on emissions targets the Prime Minister was totally gazumped and shown for the laggard and the spoiler that he is.


Christine Milne: Abbott deceives world leaders on Australia's climate action

17 Nov 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, responds to the answer provided by the Prime Minister's representative in the Senate.

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