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Parlimentary debate critical before military deployment in Iraq

03 Mar 2015

Scott speaks in the Senate about the importance of Parliamentary debate prior to deployment of Australian armed forces overseas, rather than allowing the decision to be made though another of Tony Abbott's captain's calls. 

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Senate Estimates: Analysis of risks to groundwater from CSG or shale is inadequate or non-existent

27 Feb 2015

Our chemicals regulator is only now starting to understand the risks posed to health and surface water by fracking chemicals. In fact they're not even studying the risks to underground aquifers or from shale gas. You'd think that'd stop the government, but disgracefully they've been handing out approvals like candy for years.



Greens have a Country of Origin food labelling Bill before Parliament right now

26 Feb 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne, and Deputy CEO of AusVeg advocate for the Country of Origin food labeling laws already in the Parliament, ready to be voted on.


A tribute to Dan Haslam

25 Feb 2015

Rather than retreating inwards, the Haslam's became strong campaigners to change the law. 

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