Visiting the SA Markets

18 May 2016

Richard, Rob and Sarah visit the Adelaide markets to speak to local growers and producers.


Australian Greens launch LGBTIQ policy package on IDAHOBIT

17 May 2016

The Australian Greens will commit to $32 million full roll out of the Safe Schools program, removal of religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law and work to get PrEP listed on the pharmaceutical benefits scheme under a raft of measures included in the Greens' LGBTIQ policy, released today by sexuality spokesperson Senator Robert Simms and gender identity & intersex spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.


Richard in Federation Square

15 May 2016

Richard Di Natale speaks to supporters in Federation Square.


The protection of health facilities and other civilian targets under international law

04 May 2016

The protection of health facilities and other civilian targets in international law, including the Geneva Conventions, should be uncontroversial. It should not be something that we even need to raise in here.


The damning senate inquiry report into the Perth Freight Link

03 May 2016

We have a unanimous report that condemns, in the strongest possible language, a government appropriation which will be in tonight's budget of more than $1 billion of Commonwealth funds for a road to nowhere.


Another Perth freight link government transparency refusal

03 May 2016

It has become a matter of routine for this government to defy such orders of the Senate. I thank the Australian Labor Party and I thank the majority of crossbenchers, who voted with the Greens in order to achieve some basic transparency on this government's plan to ram a freeway of between four and six lanes—it will not disclose—through the Beeliar Wetlands and the Beeliar Regional Park, destroying around 100 hectares of priceless and irreplaceable banksia woodland, and now apparently to dive a tunnel under the suburbs of North Lake and Palmyra and into East Fremantle before surfacing in East Fremantle, creating a catastrophic traffic jam and falling short of the entrance to the port of Fremantle by a kilometre or two.

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