Free Higher Education

Last year, the Greens helped defeat the Coalition government's higher education changes that would have left students with mortgage-sized debts – and led to massive cuts to university funding.

It's time for a visionary approach to higher education: no debt for students, funded by the community.

Education is about opportunity and freedom in life. Education lets us be empowered. It is a basic right. 

High quality public education should be accessible to all, regardless of their wealth or background. This is why we're fighting for free higher education - to create a fair society where everyone has the opportunity to excel and contribute without being burdened by debt.

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Latest on Free Higher Education


Low graduation numbers highlight failure Abbott govt education privatisation plan

21 Aug 2015

Reports that very few students enrolled in private colleges graduate with qualifications reveals the extent of the negative impact for-profit companies are having on education standards.


Greens welcome Universities Australia u-turn on deregulation

01 Jun 2015

We welcome Universities Australia's call for increased government funding to the higher education sector, and applaud their decision to withdraw support for the Abbott government's policy of university fee deregulation.


Pyne's copy and paste budget fails students, staff and the community

13 May 2015

The Abbott government has learned nothing from its two failed attempts at deregulating Australian universities, slashing billions from higher education and pouring public money into the coffers of private higher education companies, with all these measures back in the 2015 budget.


Vice Chancellors need to speak out against Pyne's backdoor uni cuts

04 May 2015

The Group of Eight Vice Chancellors who were the Abbott government's most vocal supporters of deregulation, need to start speaking out against this latest attack on universities which will strip away $3 billion dollars, despite these cuts being rejected by Parliament.


Thousands of NSW residents tell Abbott and Pyne - ditch higher education cuts

09 Feb 2015

Two thousand New South Wales residents have joined the ‘1 Million Reasons' campaign to send key crossbench Senators a postcard asking them to vote down the Coalition government's higher education cuts.

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