Don't Privatise Our Unis

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In April 2014, a review commissioned by Education Minister Christopher Pyne called for:

  • Private, for-profit institutions having the same access to government funding as public universities
  • Increasing student fees to pay for new private subsidies
  • Scrapping targets aimed at getting more students from disadvantaged backgrounds into uni.

The Abbott government is considering these drastic changes, which would hurt universities and students.

Universities that are already facing uncertainty and significant budget stress. The Abbott government is already proposing to rip $6.4 billion out of universities over the next four years.

The Greens will fight attempts privatise our university system.

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne must rule out redirecting public funds to private, for-profit institutions.

We’ve already seen the devastating impact that unfair competition from private providers is having on TAFE. Thousands of TAFE teachers have lost their jobs, student fees have skyrocketed and TAFE campuses have been forced into mergers.

We will oppose restricting access to university for disadvantaged students.

We need to do more, not less, to help these students get into uni. The government must reject calls to increase fees and scrap participation targets.

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Where the Greens stand:

Free education - The Greens believe that all Australians are entitled to free, well-funded and high quality, life-long education and training.  Beyond the school years, a well-funded, public higher education sector is the key to growing Australia’s future economic prosperity. We will fight attempts privatise our university system.

Equity and Access - Our higher education system should be fair for all students who participate in it.  Yet people from low socio-economic backgrounds remain substantially under-represented in higher education. The Greens are committed to making sure all prospective students can access affordable quality courses, and receive adequate financial support to complete their studies.

Supporting students - The Greens stand for equitable access to affordable or free education for all domestic students, supported by appropriate living allowances and minimising student debt.  The Greens call on all universities to support their democratically elected student bodies.

Academic workforce - The academic workforce is over-stretched and faces increasing casualisation.   Some university Vice Chancellors are cutting teaching and administrative jobs to solve budget problems, which undermines a sustainable academic workforce to teach the increasing number of students and expand our research capacity. 

Lee Rhiannon is the Australian Greens spokesperson on higher education, universities and vocational education and training (VET).


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