Stop Abbott's Uni Cuts - Round 2

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In November 2014, the Senate voted down the Abbott government's higher education cuts that would have left students with 100k debts and massive cuts to university funding.

This is a very significant win for the tens of thousands of students, staff, and the education unions who have run such a strong and visible campaign against it for the past few months. We congratulate them on their tremendous efforts.

The Greens opposed these cuts from day one and are proud to have stood with the advocates for public universities right from moment these cuts were announced in the May budget.

By defeating the Pyne bill the Senate blocked the Abbott government's plan to strip $5 billion out of our public universities.

However the very next day, Christopher Pyne reintroduced his bill which will again
* leave students with course fee debt as high as $100,000
* give private, for-profit institutions the same access to government funding as public universities
* cut unversity funding by 20 per cent.

The Greens stand strong in our resolve to ensure these cuts are again defeated in the Senate.

So we will continue to campaign against Abbott's changes to our universities. Mr Pyne's new bill is expected to be debated in the Senate as early as Februrary 2015. We will continue to keep you posted on our campaign.

To join our campaign, you can: 

> Sign up for phonebanking
> Sign up for doorknocking
> Sign up to help us recruit other volunteers
Sign up for campus-based actions

If you want to join the campaign but can't make it to any of our phonebanks or doorknocks, then you can sign up to run a stall or phonebank from home.

If you live outside Sydney and want to run your own campaign, send us an email and we will help you organise one.


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