Stop Abbott's Uni Cuts

Take Action to Stop Abbott's Uni Cuts

Like other Australians, I was outraged when I watched the Abbott government hand down a budget that attacked our public universities with higher fees, sweeping cuts, and more support for private, for-profit education providers.

The drastic changes could lead to university fees as high as $100,000 - and give private, for-profit institutions the same access to government funding as public universities.

The Greens believe that asking students to foot the bill for a new, elitist university system is unfair. That’s why we’re campaigning against Abbott's changes to our universities.

To join our campaign, you can: 

> Sign up for phonebanking
> Sign up for doorknocking
> Sign up to help us recruit other volunteers
Sign up for campus-based actions

If you want to join the campaign but can't make it to any of our phonebanks or doorknocks, then you can sign up to run a stallphonebank from home, or simply sign our petition.

If you live outside Sydney and want to run your own campaign, you can download our A3 posters, A5 flyersFacebook graphics, and other resources for Greens on campus.

Together, we will fight these changes.

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An open letter to Universities Australia

24 Nov 2014

In response to a letter sent from Universities Australia to all crossbench Senators today, Australian Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon has published the following reply.


Poll: Australians oppose Abbott's elitist agenda for higher education

02 Jul 2014

Independent polling commissioned by the Greens confirms that the Coalition Government's elitist changes to higher education are opposed by an overwhelming majority of the community.


Pyne should release his modelling on University cuts

05 Jun 2014

The  Australian Greens spokesperson for higher education Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on the Minister for Education Christopher Pyne to release his Department’s modelling on the impact of the government’s $5 billion university cuts.


Fighting for free education: What happened, Joe?

28 May 2014

Joe Hockey's comments in support of well-funded and accessible public higher education, made when he was a 22 year old student activist, had more economic credibility than his actions as Australia's Treasurer.


Greens condemn Abbott’s elitist plan for universities

28 Apr 2014

Greens higher education spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne to come clean on their plans to increase student fees and deregulate the university system.

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