The Greens want to see an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  The 20,000 nuclear weapons that exist today are obsolete relics of the Cold War and can end our world in an afternoon. Like landmines and cluster weapons, they must be abolished, through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

The whole nuclear fuel chain – from uranium mining to the unresolved problem of nuclear waste – presents unacceptable environmental and security risks and is phenomenally expensive. Rather than leaving future generations the burden of nuclear waste, we should be giving them truly safe, clean, timely and economic solutions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  The future is renewable, not radioactive.  


Remembering Dr Bill Williams

13 Sep 2016

Many of you will know Bill as a great man of vision, passion and compassion. His belief in a world free from nuclear weapons and untethered from the nuclear fuel chain fired our work. His energy, intelligence, humanity and humour inspired all his friends, colleagues and fellow travellers.


Answers sought on nuclear waste delay

02 Sep 2016

Senator for WA Scott Ludlam has submitted a raft of questions to Parliament to answer whether another site has been nominated, and an update of the only site nominated at Barndioota, South Australia.


Nuclear Weapons: Make Sure Australia is on the Right Side of History

31 Aug 2016

On 18 September 1985, just shy of 31 years ago, Senator Jo Vallentine stood and addressed the parliament for the first time. It is quite instructive reading to look back at Senator Vallentine's inaugural speech.


Answers needed on Australian spoiling tactics as nuclear ban treaty draws nearer

20 Aug 2016

Why did Australia vote against an historic international plan to move to a nuclear weapons ban?


Greens launch video to stop nuclear waste storage

05 Aug 2016

A powerful online video detailing the significantly risky and expensive proposal to store international high level nuclear waste in South Australia has been launched.


Greens applaud rare win against uranium mine at Yeelirrie

03 Aug 2016

The Greens have urged WA Environment minister Albert Jacobs to uphold the EPA’s advice to reject the controversial Yeelirrie uranium in the Goldfields of WA.


Simms in the Senate Update - June 2016

22 Jun 2016

This edition of Simms in the Senate covers Senator Robert Simms' recent work on promoting green jobs for SA, protecting the Great Australian Bight, standing with the community against a nuclear waste dump in regional SA, phasing out live animal export, and the latest campaign news on marriage equality, Safe Schools, tertiary education, and more. Simply click the link below to download the PDF, or email Senator Simms to be added to the mailing list.


A process not a postcode for nuclear waste

10 Jun 2016

The Australian Greens would containerise nuclear waste at Lucas Heights waste facility while an independent, national inquiry into radioactive waste production and management was undertaken.


Public forum: Nuclear Waste Dump - 'The Wrong Way for SA'

09 Jun 2016 | 7:00 pm

South Australia has become a magnet for nuclear waste. The Federal Government wants the Flinders Ranges to host a national nuclear waste dump and the South Australian Government is considering opening up our state for an international high level radioactive waste dump. Come along to hear influential Australians expose the hype and untangle the spin, and take part in the Q&A session.


Atomic testing compensation long overdue

30 May 2016

Gold card for ADF veterans effected by atomic bomb testing.

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