The Greens want to see an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  The 20,000 nuclear weapons that exist today are obsolete relics of the Cold War and can end our world in an afternoon. Like landmines and cluster weapons, they must be abolished, through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

The whole nuclear fuel chain – from uranium mining to the unresolved problem of nuclear waste – presents unacceptable environmental and security risks and is phenomenally expensive. Rather than leaving future generations the burden of nuclear waste, we should be giving them truly safe, clean, timely and economic solutions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  The future is renewable, not radioactive.  


SA Royal Commission: Nuclear industry on trial?

12 Mar 2015

I’d like to propose a truce; particularly with those whose pro-nuclear views are motivated by the overwhelming imperative of climate change.


Nuclear Royal Commission may pave the way for national or international waste dump: Ludlam

26 Feb 2015

The South Australian Royal Commission into nuclear energy is designed to build a case for a national or international radioactive waste dump in Australia, according to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.


Labor MPs dump on party membership in nuclear vote

12 Feb 2015

Labor Senators have today voted against their own party platform on nuclear policy, voting down a motion by Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Penny Wright opposing nuclear development in SA.


Opposing nuclear power in SA

12 Feb 2015

Senator Penny Wright's motion rejecting any efforts to move toward establishing nuclear power plants in South Australia


Nuclear-Capable Strategic Bombers in Northern Territory

04 Dec 2014

This year Australia's, America's and other nations' airforces held air exercises in the Northern Territory for Excercise Pitch Black.
Hearing word that there were B-52 bombers, a strategic bomber synonymous with their nuclear weapons capabilities, Scott decided to confirm or deny the rumour.
Whilst at it, he decided to make sure that we're not hosting dangerous nuclear targets on home soil, and that we're abiding by our obligations under the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty.
Whilst refusing to answer on the first question, the government insists its abiding by the treaty, which requires Australia to not allow nuclear weapons to be stationed on our territory.


Nuclear debate: the game's over, but it's worth discussing why

03 Dec 2014

On her way to the Lima climate conference, Julie Bishop called nuclear power an 'obvious conclusion' that Australia would embrace nuclear energy. It seems much less obvious to us, given the crippled state of the global nuclear industry. 


Scott Ludlam asks ANSTO Chief about repatriated waste storage and transport [Estimates] 20141023

23 Oct 2014

Scott asks questions of ANTSO cheif regarding repartiation of European nuclear waste to Australian interm storage facility being built at Lucas Heights


Uranium deal confirms diplomatic amnesia is now official Government policy

08 Sep 2014

Uranium deal confirms diplomatic amnesia is now official Government policy 


Uranium deal confirms diplomatic amnesia is now official Government policy

06 Sep 2014

Australian Greens nuclear spokesperson Senator Scott Ludlam says the Abbott government has bizarrely linked its India uranium deal to the uranium trade with the Russian Federation, which it abruptly suspended this week in light of tensions in the Ukraine.


The intergenerational atomic threads that bind Australia with India, Russia and Japan.

04 Sep 2014

Adjournment speech regarding the Australian Government signing an agreement with Indian government for supply of Uranium ore. 

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