The Greens want to see an end to nuclear weapons and nuclear power.  The 20,000 nuclear weapons that exist today are obsolete relics of the Cold War and can end our world in an afternoon. Like landmines and cluster weapons, they must be abolished, through a Nuclear Weapons Convention.

The whole nuclear fuel chain – from uranium mining to the unresolved problem of nuclear waste – presents unacceptable environmental and security risks and is phenomenally expensive. Rather than leaving future generations the burden of nuclear waste, we should be giving them truly safe, clean, timely and economic solutions to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  The future is renewable, not radioactive.  


Strong local opposition at all 6 proposed nuclear waste dump sites

04 Feb 2016

There is strong local opposition exists at all six sites currently under consideration for a nuclear waste dump in Australia. The communities of Hill End in New South Wales, Omanama in Queensland, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia have all said no.


Senator plans to take Hill End nuclear dump site mismanagement to Senate Estimates

29 Jan 2016

Officials from the Department of Science and Industry will be questioned at the February Senate Budget Estimates hearing on their latest serious mismanagement of the location for the proposed nuclear waste dump at Hill End.


Nuclear waste shipping debacle: no end in sight

07 Dec 2015

A ‘flag of convenience' vessel registered in Antigua and chartered by a French company arriving in the dead of night to unload Australian nuclear waste returned from France highlights the dangers of transporting nuclear material and is yet more evidence that waste should be securely stored on site, the Australian Greens said today.


Hill End community calls on Cobb to attend nuclear dump meeting

25 Nov 2015

Hill End residents are calling on local member John Cobb to attend their public meeting this Thursday to discuss their opposition to the community being used as a nuclear waste dumping ground.


The nuclear fuel chain in Australia

25 Nov 2015

The uranium industry is desperate to deny its role in nuclear weapons proliferation, and the Australian government is quietly sabotaging efforts to negotiate a nuclear weapons abolition treaty. It is time we called them out on it.


Government is still asking the wrong question on nuclear waste dump: Greens

13 Nov 2015

Australia's troubled history of attempts to establish a single national waste dump have moved into a new phase, with a longer list of 28 nominated sites sharpened to six locations which will be the subject of four months of consultations.


Austrian Pledge is Crucial Step Towards Global Nuclear Weapons Ban

18 Sep 2015

The Australian Government should be seizing the opportunity the 'Austrian Pledge' provides to work towards the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons, not actively undermining it, the Australian Greens said today.


Back to Work - Senator Scott Ludlam on the JSCOT Report into Uranium Sales to India

16 Sep 2015

It is not often that the Australian Greens would not table a dissent to a report from a government chaired committee, such as the treaties committee, on the subject of a nuclear sales agreement.


No-go on India nuclear deal

08 Sep 2015

The Greens have welcomed a report from the Joint Standing Committee On Treaties (JSCOT) that has just been tabled in the House of Representatives, recommending Tony Abbott's intention to sell Australian uranium to India should not go ahead at this time.


Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Amendment Bill

18 Aug 2015

Scott speaks during the Committee stage debate on the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Amendment Bill 2015.

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