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The Australian Greens want a strong and diverse economy that sets us up for the long term and does not undermine our environment and the wellbeing of our communities.

The Greens want our future energy needs to be met using renewable energy. Continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels such coal and coal seam gas is destroying our environment, risking our food security, skewing the economy and affecting local communities.

Senior Treasury officials have refuted industry spin about job creation and the claims that the benefits of the mining boom are universal.

The Greens are taking action in the community and in the Parliament with bills to strengthen our national laws to protect our precious water resources, farmland, rural communities and environment from the impacts of rapacious mining.

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Newman Government sneaks through change to stop everyone, even landholders, from objecting to massive mining projects

12 Sep 2014

The Newman Government has removed the legal right for anyone to object to massive coal and uranium mines in Queensland on environmental grounds.


Minister Macfarlane’s gas push risks land, water and communities

09 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens condemn the Abbott Government’s Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane’s push to “flood the market” with gas, including by trying to bully NSW into developing its own coal seam gas fields and the NT and SA into dangerous fracking and mega pipelines, as reported today.


Christine Milne: Abbott and Palmer's mining tax deal deserves scrutiny

03 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, addresses the Senate as the Abbott Government reveals their deal to join forces with coal-mining billionaire, Clive Palmer, to repeal the Mining Tax.


Abbott and Palmer Party Mining Repeal Deal explained

02 Sep 2014

The Abbott Government and coal-mining billionaire Clive Palmer have done a deal which will see the Palmer Party and Coalition join forces in the Senate to repeal the Mining Tax.


Mining tax abolition deal: PUP helps Tony Abbott justify brutal budget

02 Sep 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Palmer United Party has done a mean and tricky deal with the Abbott government to turn down revenue and give a big win to mining magnates around Australia.


Abbott’s Olympic dodge on environmental protections

02 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens say the Abbott Government is shirking responsibility by waiving a new environmental impact statement for the proposed expansion of Olympic Dam.


Christine Milne: Palmer and Abbott deal delivers a big win to mining magnates

02 Sep 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, addresses the Senate as the Abbott Government seeks to suspend standing orders to join forces with coal-mining billionaire Clive Palmer to repeal the Mining Tax.


Sydney Uni reputation damaged by coal mine funding

19 Aug 2014

Sydney University's $1 million investment in the controversial Whitehaven coalmine will mean enormous damage for the institution's reputation unless they move quickly to withdraw the investment and apologise to impacted Aboriginal elders and locals, the Greens have warned.


Tony Abbott must dump Maurice Newman: Bandt

14 Aug 2014

Maurice Newman's latest comments on climate change are almost deranged and an embarrassment to the government Adam Bandt said.

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