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The Australian Greens want a strong and diverse economy that sets us up for the long term and does not undermine our environment and the wellbeing of our communities.

The Greens want our future energy needs to be met using renewable energy. Continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels such coal and coal seam gas is destroying our environment, risking our food security, skewing the economy and affecting local communities.

Senior Treasury officials have refuted industry spin about job creation and the claims that the benefits of the mining boom are universal.

The Greens are taking action in the community and in the Parliament with bills to strengthen our national laws to protect our precious water resources, farmland, rural communities and environment from the impacts of rapacious mining.

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Sydney Uni reputation damaged by coal mine funding

19 Aug 2014

Sydney University's $1 million investment in the controversial Whitehaven coalmine will mean enormous damage for the institution's reputation unless they move quickly to withdraw the investment and apologise to impacted Aboriginal elders and locals, the Greens have warned.


Tony Abbott must dump Maurice Newman: Bandt

14 Aug 2014

Maurice Newman's latest comments on climate change are almost deranged and an embarrassment to the government Adam Bandt said.


LNG projects set to increase CO2 emissions, with no modelled reductions by direct action.

18 Jul 2014

Expansion in the LNG sector is sect to increase our greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 36 tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2020. The impact of the government's direct action plan has not been modelled however, as it was *still* in 'development' at the time.


Ranger 3 rehabilitation held to ransom?

18 Jul 2014

Scott asks some probing questions about whether the company behind the Ranger mine can even afford to rehabilitate the site and whether it is getting site approvals from government it mightn’t otherwise.


Ranger 3 Environmental Impact Assessment held back until after restart approved by Minister.

18 Jul 2014

Senator Ludlam asked basic questions about the assessment process, and we find that the accident-prone uranium processing plant has since been given restart go-ahead by Minister MacFarlane before the Environmental Impact Assessment is even complete.


Don't axe the mining tax - it will build our future

15 Jul 2014

Senator Wright speaks on the importance of retaining the mining tax to build the society we want for the future. 


Speech against the repeal of the Mineral Resources Rent Tax

15 Jul 2014

The senate has already rejected this bill once, but because the coal lobby continues to call the shots in this place, here we are again. 

Only this Government would bring down the harshest and most unfair budget in living memory, and simultaneously give a tax break to the big mining companies.
We've got one chance to make sure that the nation gets a share of the windfall profits being made by the 80% foreign-owned multinationals.


Old parties vote down Senate support for SELGA mayors

09 Jul 2014

The Labor and Liberal Parties have voted down an Australian Greens motion congratulating the South East Local Government Association's unanimous vote in favour of a moratorium on unconventional gas.


Supporting local residents rights to say no to unconventional gas exploration

09 Jul 2014

Senator Wright's motion congratulating the South East Local Government Association's vote in favour of a moratorium on unconventional gas.


Polluters feed from family table under PM Abbott’s plan

05 Jul 2014

The Australian Greens say communities will lose out now, and in the future, if the Abbott government totally abandons the carbon price and mining tax.

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