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The Australian Greens want a strong and diverse economy that sets us up for the long term and does not undermine our environment and the wellbeing of our communities.

The Greens want our future energy needs to be met using renewable energy. Continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels such coal and coal seam gas is destroying our environment, risking our food security, skewing the economy and affecting local communities.

Senior Treasury officials have refuted industry spin about job creation and the claims that the benefits of the mining boom are universal.

The Greens are taking action in the community and in the Parliament with bills to strengthen our national laws to protect our precious water resources, farmland, rural communities and environment from the impacts of rapacious mining.

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Labor set to break its promise and follow Newman plan to let mining companies suck up groundwater

30 Sep 2015

The Greens condemn moves by the Palaszczuk Government to stick with the Newman Government's plan to give big mining companies free water at the expense of the environment and agriculture.


Greens announce transition plan for Australia’s coal export sector

29 Sep 2015

• New industry report confirms global coal demand in terminal structural decline
• Taxpayers and state governments will be left with a mine clean-up bill worth billions of dollars
• Greens release plan to transition thousands of jobs and fund rehabilitation costs


Poll shows Australians against Abbott's latest environment attack

11 Sep 2015

Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, comments on the new Lonergan Research poll about the Abbott Government trying to change environment law to limit its public enforcement: “Again we see how out of touch the Abbott Government is with the Australian people.



Court overturning Adani Carmichael mine is good news for the climate, Great Barrier Reef and Queensland economy

05 Aug 2015

The Federal Court’s decision today to overturn the Abbott Government’s approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine is good news for the climate, environment and Queensland economy.

“Adani’s Carmichael coal mine plan would have been a climate disaster and Reef destroyer,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate spokesperson, said.



Senate Inquiry hears of David and Goliath battle landholders face against CSG in Qld

27 Jul 2015

The first public hearing of the Senate Inquiry into the Greens’ bill to give landholders the right to say ‘no’ to gas and coal mining on their land and to ban fracking was held in Brisbane today.


Shenhua Watermark coal mine approved to ruin farmland while Barnaby Joyce sits on his hands

08 Jul 2015

The Greens strongly condemn the Abbott Government's approval of the Chinese-owned Shenhua Watermark coal mine in the Liverpool Plains to ruin high-quality farmland and cook the planet.


Senator Waters speech on amending the renewable energy target legislation to exclude native forest burning.

23 Jun 2015

This amendment excludes having native forest burning in the renewable energy target. It is an affront to common sense, ecology and carbon pollution calculations to ever think that burning native forests could be considered a clean energy source. It is far from carbon neutral. There is new science emerging that shows it is three times as carbon intensive an energy form as coal.


Future is renewable as Port Augusta power plants close

11 Jun 2015

The Australian Greens have called for government investment to kick-start a solar thermal plant at Port Augusta to replace the two power stations slated for closure.


Will Adani pay $0 corporate tax in Australia?

02 Jun 2015

Senator Larissa Waters asks the ATO about Adani’s tax affairs.


Are you looking at chemicals in shale fracking? In aquifers?

02 Jun 2015

Senator Larissa Waters asks the National Industrial Chemicals regulator about the assessment of CSG chemicals.  Unfortunately the Commonwealth government is not examining the impacts of these chemicals on deep groundwater aquifers, and the assessment does not include shale gas and tight gas.  

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