International Aid & Development

The Greens believe that Australia, as a wealthy nation, has a responsibility to contribute our ‘fair share’ to poverty alleviation in less developed countries and devote 0.7 per cent of Gross National Income to overseas aid.

By contrast, in 2012 Labor and the Coalition walked away from a bipartisan commitment to increase overseas aid to 0.5 per cent of gross national income by 2015. Both Labor and the Coalition have made drastic cuts to the aid budget: $5.8 billion under Labor and $11.3 billion under the Coalition.

The Greens are working with aid and social justice groups to find a legislative solution to this problem and prevent further cuts.

Under Julie Bishop, the Coalition has also refocussed aid funding to be about ‘economic diplomacy’; the idea that aid should be used in countries that are strategically important to our own economic interests.

The Greens are campaigning to ensure that Australia’s spending on aid is transparent and accountable and that projects are not harmful for local communities or the environment. The key purpose driving the Australian aid program should be alleviating poverty, not promoting our national political and commercial interests.


Senator Lee Rhiannon on doors on overseas aid

14 Mar 2013

Australian Greens foreign aid spokesperson Lee Rhiannon comments on the Oaktree Foundation launch of 'The Movement to End Poverty' and her Senate motion to protect the overseas aid budget from cuts in the upcoming budget.





Greens push for more and better overseas aid

13 Mar 2013

It will be inspiring to have hundreds of young people descend on parliament to meet MPs and push for Australia to give its fair share in overseas aid to end global poverty.


Greens call on Australia to end its silence on Sri Lanka's atrocities

13 Mar 2013

The Australian Greens today call on the Government to stand up for the human rights abuses and condemn the Rajapakse regime.


Newsline program:Lee Rhiannon questions Carr about diversion of aid funding to immigration

08 Mar 2013

Segment from Australia Network's Newsline program - Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon questioned Bob Carr about the Australian government's plans to divert aid funding to pay for the cost of processing asylum seekers.


Greens Sen Lee Rhiannon questions Carr in Estimates on diversion of foreign aid for immigration

08 Mar 2013

Senator Lee Rhiannon questioned Bob Carr and departmental officials about plans to divert aid funding to cover increased costs of asylum seeker processing.


Greens Sen Lee Rhiannon on ABC24's Capital Hill program

21 Feb 2013

Senator Lee Rhiannon appeared on ABC News 24's 'Capital Hill' with Lyndal Curtis and Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg  to discuss Prisoner X, Xenophon's deportation from Malaysia and Gillard's cuts from foreign aid to fund immigration. 


Budget estimates - Lee questions Dept of Foreign Affairs about funding from the Direct Aid Program for mining companies

14 Feb 2013

Spokesperson for overseas aid Senator Lee Rhiannon questions the Minister and representatives from the Dept of Foreign Affairs about funding through DFAT's Direct Aid Program for mining companies.


Budget estimates - Lee questions Carr and AusAID about diverting $375 million from the aid budget

13 Feb 2013

Senator Lee Rhiannon questions Minister Carr and AusAID about diverting $375 million from aid programs to pay for domestic costs of housing refugees and how this impacts the government's goal of reaching 0.5% of GNI going to aid.


Abbott’s first broken promise: will it be cuts to foreign aid?

08 Feb 2013

Yesterday's media announcement that opposition leader Tony Abbott was backing an $800 million cut from the foreign aid budget to pay for his personal tax zones in northern Australia is indecent and sends a shocking message to our Pacific and Asian neighbours. 


Speech: Oaktree Foundation

06 Feb 2013

Christian Aid, Transparency and Accountability Initiative and a number of Australian aid groups have identified that financial transparency and accountability can play a key role in helping to prevent corruption and to develop policies, programs and legislation to give priority to public needs. The Oaktree Foundation is doing some outstanding work in this area.

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