Industry, Energy & Science

A flexible and inclusive industry policy is crucial to our economic future and creating jobs.

There are many challenges to sections of Australia’s industry particularly from the mining boom.

The mining bubble is driving up the Australian dollar and hurting other sectors of the economy particularly manufacturing, education, and tourism.

Industry policy must assist industry with these challenges and support investment in innovation that can help these industries survive and flourish.

Innovation is central to the transformation of economy as we move to a sustainable clean energy economy.


Christine Milne: We must respect research [Motion]

26 Mar 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, introduces a motion the the senate calling on the Abbott government to respect science and research in Australia.


Estimates: CSIRO workplace bullying investigation

27 Feb 2014

Senator Penny Wright asks questions about the investigation into allegations of workplace bullying at CSIRO.


Christine: What will be the impact of the South Korean free trade agreement on Australian manufacturing?

10 Feb 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, questions the Abbott Government on the impact of the South Korean free trade agreement on the future of the car manufacturing industry in Australia.


Tony Abbott final nail in auto coffin: Bandt

10 Feb 2014

Tony Abbott has killed the auto industry Adam Bandt said today.


Government should reject Commission recipe for ‘carmageddon’

31 Jan 2014

Adam Bandt says the government should reject the recommendations of a Productivity Commission paper on government assistance to car makers


Questions on Notice to ANSTO - expenses and appointments

29 Jan 2014

Further questions to ANSTO on staffing, appointments, expenses and operations.


PM Abbott’s Holden fund a band-aid on an open wound

18 Dec 2013

The Australian Greens say the Prime Minister’s announcement of a $100 million fund for Victoria and South Australia is no guarantee of future jobs after the closure of Holden factories.


The future of Holden in South Australia

09 Dec 2013

Senator Penny Wright on how Holden can continue in South Australia by taking a sustainable approach focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart technology and innovation.


Estimates: Car manufacturing subsidies questions

21 Nov 2013

Senator Penny Wright asks questions relating to car manufacturing subsidies. 


CSIRO job cuts are economic vandalism: Bandt

08 Nov 2013

Adam Bandt says CSIRO cuts would amount to economic vandalism and again prove the anti-science bias of the government.

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