Industry, Energy & Science

A flexible and inclusive industry policy is crucial to our economic future and creating jobs.

There are many challenges to sections of Australia’s industry particularly from the mining boom.

The mining bubble is driving up the Australian dollar and hurting other sectors of the economy particularly manufacturing, education, and tourism.

Industry policy must assist industry with these challenges and support investment in innovation that can help these industries survive and flourish.

Innovation is central to the transformation of economy as we move to a sustainable clean energy economy.


Securing Our Future: Boosting Australian Research

20 Aug 2013

The Greens will boost Australian investment in research and innovation to 3% of GDP by 2020, boost research councils, reverse Labor's cuts to research funding and more.


Gas and oil debate ignores Western Australia’s solar potential

16 Aug 2013

"While the Premier attacks the Prime Minister for supposedly threatening his gas ambitions, and Kevin Rudd talks about making Perth an oil and gas headquarters, both Labor and the Liberals are ignoring Western Australia's huge solar potential," said Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam.


Greens take stand against nuclear after MacTiernan’s unwelcome conversion

12 Aug 2013

"The position of Minister Gary Gray and Alannah MacTiernan further illustrate how far Labor have lost the plot on nuclear power. Only The Greens can be trusted to stand up for clean, safe energy - and to say no to nuclear," Senator Ludlam said.


Clean energy advocates celebrate while nuclear lobby holds wake in Fremantle

17 Jul 2013

While nuclear power is in retreat around the globe, advocates of clean energy had ‘Better Things To Do' than protest the Uranium Conference held in Fremantle today.


Speech on the Marine Engineers Qualifications Bill 2013

27 Jun 2013

Senator Penny Wright's second reading speech on the Marine Engineers Qualifications Bill 2013.


Anti-Dumping good start, but gov must act on local content: Bandt

31 May 2013


Bandt welcomes anti-dumping law, but says local content rules must be stronger.



WA Greens take stand with students and academics against funding cuts

17 Apr 2013

Greens Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam will join academics and students Thursday morning in a united stand against the Federal Government's proposed funding cuts: "This is a perverse kind of blackmail in which the Government claims we can't provide more funding to the nation's schools without targetting the nation's universities - we won't tolerate it," he said.


Gov must act on CSIRO job cuts: Bandt

17 Apr 2013

 Adam Bandt says the government must boost CSIRO funding to stave off possible job cuts.


Labor failing to secure car workers’ future in Vic and SA: Bandt and Hanson-Young

08 Apr 2013

Responding to announcements that 500 jobs will be slashed from Holden’s operations in Melbourne and South Australia, Greens Deputy Leader and industry spokesperson, Adam Bandt, has criticised the Federal government for failing to secure jobs and plan for an electric car future.


Lee Rhiannon on Viewpoint SKY TV

08 Apr 2013

Lee discusses issues of the day with Chris Kenny including the election, climate change, immigration, 457 visas and Chinese investment in Australia.

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