Housing & Sustainable Cities

The Greens goal is for all Australians to have access to safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing. The housing affordability crisis in Australia has come to define this generation. Successive governments have failed to keep up with the housing needs of a diverse, growing and ageing population or the unprecedented housing stress in boom towns. We are advocating for new and long term solutions that increase choice and security of tenure, and provide diverse types of housing in the places we want to live. 

We are working toward increasing the supply of affordable housing instead of artificially stimulating demand, and believe it’s long past time to re-examine the taxation treatment of housing which has promoted housing as just another asset class, rather than housing as a human right. 


Estimates – Federal approval of Mangles Bay Marina - Scott asks why the Little Penguins, and social and economic impacts NOT considered?

23 Oct 2014

Scott asks how Point Peron gained DoE approval when the community is so against it and the environmental impacts will be so severe.


Save Point Peron forever! Greg Hunt, reject the plan!

23 Sep 2014

Scott makes an impassioned speech in Parliament about the incredibly hard work of the Rockingham and wider communities to stop the canal and marina development at Point Peron.


Senate Speech - Dont hand back environmental powers to the states

01 Sep 2014

The rhetoric of "cutting red tape" and the one stop shop dream of Abbot to handback powers to the state governments - who have shown themselves, year after year, to be unable to protect the environment that we depend upon - will be a disaster. Especially in WA where the state government itself is the proponent in the worst developments possible, including the proposed canal estate at Point Peron and the Roe 8 extension.


Container Deposit Scheme is the most effective way to clean up Tasmania

25 Aug 2014

Container Deposit Scheme is the most effective way to clean up Tasmania


Contentious Hazelmere plant granted funding even in absence of environmental and health approvals

12 Aug 2014

The Minister for Industry has overseen the Clean Technology Innovation Fund allocate money to a contentious project that has yet to pass environmental and health regulatory requirements. Senator Ludlam asks a few pointed questions about this process and what the government is doing to assess the plant's possible impacts.


Government refuses responsibility for unsafe on-road cycle lanes, whilst taking credit for their funding.

18 Jul 2014

20/36 ‘Nation Building Roads’ don’t have their planned cycle paths separate from high speed, high volume traffic- in a straight up breach of Ausroads Standards and well known best-practise. Federal government funding is going to risk cyclist’s lives, but the best answer they can give is the standard government response- “that’s a matter for state governments”.


Asset Recycling forces states to sell public assets

17 Jul 2014

The Australian Greens will vote against the Asset Recycling Bill and will continue to promote infrastructure plans that serve communities rather than dividing them.

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