Housing & Sustainable Cities

The Greens goal is for all Australians to have access to safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing. The housing affordability crisis in Australia has come to define this generation. Successive governments have failed to keep up with the housing needs of a diverse, growing and ageing population or the unprecedented housing stress in boom towns. We are advocating for new and long term solutions that increase choice and security of tenure, and provide diverse types of housing in the places we want to live. 

We are working toward increasing the supply of affordable housing instead of artificially stimulating demand, and believe it’s long past time to re-examine the taxation treatment of housing which has promoted housing as just another asset class, rather than housing as a human right. 


Greens seek Senate Inquiry into the Perth Freight Link debacle

11 Aug 2015

Scott flags a Senate Inquiry into the Perth Freight Link debacle in an impassioned speech to the Senate, as the WA and federal governments fail to be accountable to taxpayers over the disastrous $1.6 billion project.


Greens release costings for capital gains tax reform

05 Aug 2015

The Australian Greens have today released Parliamentary Budget Office costings that show removing structural unfairness in the tax system through the discount on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) could generate as much as $74 billion over the next ten years, rising to $127 billion when negative gearing reforms that have warped the housing market are taken into account.


Record Sydney house prices nothing to be proud of - time to tackle negative gearing

23 Jul 2015

Increasing numbers of homeless people - the ugly side of the $1 million price tag for a Sydney home - require fast tracking far reaching reforms to negative gearing and capital gains tax.


Greens call on government to end political cowardice over negative gearing

15 Jul 2015

The Australian Greens have welcomed the Reserve Bank of Australia's call for a review of negative gearing and capital gains tax, with Senator Scott Ludlam today saying Joe Hockey should have a serious conversation about ending unnecessary and unfair tax breaks.


Abbott's crusade to shatter WA's solar boom

13 Jul 2015

The Australian Greens said today that the federal government to move to ban the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in small scale solar will impede WA's rapid uptake of rooftop solar and impact local businesses.


UK negative gearing reforms further isolate Australia

10 Jul 2015

The Australian Greens said today that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey should learn a negative gearing lesson from their conservative counterparts in the UK.


Speech: New South Wales Government

17 Jun 2015

Lee questions the New South Wales government's lack of commitment in preserving the historical sector of Parramatta to the advantage of developers. 


Greens fight to save First Home Saver Account Scheme

17 Jun 2015

Greens fight to save First Home Saver Account Scheme in the face of attack from the Government and Opposition.


Speech: Housing Affordability

17 Jun 2015

Lee advocates for the adoption of the Greens' plan for negative gearing and capital gains tax reform.


Motion: Housing Affordability

17 Jun 2015

Lee calls on the Government to immediately review existing beneficial tax arrangements for property investment to improve housing affordability and provide housing for those on social housing waiting lists and those experiencing homelessness. The motion was voted down by the combined vote of the Labor Party and the Liberal-National Coalition.

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