Richard Di Natale is the Greens spokesperson for health. The Greens believe that everyone has the right to timely, quality health care.

Senator Di Natale’s work in this area is focused on primary health care and preventative health care, and working towards a health system focussed on individual and social wellbeing.


Don't punish doctors for voluntary euthanasia: Greens

25 Aug 2016

Australian Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale has restated his party's intention to introduce laws to enable dying with dignity, in light of the police investigation into a Perth GP.


Greens propose work-around to provide HIV prevention drug

20 Aug 2016

The Greens are calling on the Federal Government to support personal importation of an HIV 'wonder drug' that has just been denied listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, to protect those who are most at risk.


Greens will introduce national Dying with Dignity laws

10 Aug 2016

Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale has attended the unveiling of Andrew Denton's new organisation Go Gentle Australia, and has committed to introducing Australia's first ever national Dying with Dignity laws during the upcoming term of parliament.


Labor's fiscal plan cuts clean energy & Medicare dental

28 Jun 2016

With just four days left to vote, the Greens are calling on Bill Shorten not to cut Medicare-funded dental care and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.


Greens pledge to introduce national Dying with Dignity laws

27 Jun 2016

Australian Greens Leader Richard Di Natale was joined by former leader Bob Brown and the Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports today to announce the Greens' plan for national Dying with Dignity laws.


New sugar tax is a sweetener for your health

22 Jun 2016

Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale has announced a new tax on sugary sweetened beverages to help tackle Australia's obesity epidemic.


Greens talk public healthcare in Orange

21 Jun 2016

Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens candidate for Calare Delanie Sky will hold a press conference in Orange tomorrow Wednesday 22 June. They will discuss the Greens commitment to public health and ending domestic violence.


Greens announce plan to expand Medicare-funded dental care

15 Jun 2016

The Australian Greens Denticare plan will invest $6.6 billion over the forward estimates to provide essential dental care to millions of Australians.


Greens announce reboot of Medicare for chronic disease

27 May 2016

Australian Greens Leader Dr Richard Di Natale has announced the Greens plan to reorganise doctors’ incentives, to make Medicare work better for patients dealing with chronic disease.


Greens launch palliative care package to ensure support when it matters most

27 May 2016

The Australian Greens have announced a palliative care package to ensure individuals, families and carers are receiving the best care whilst living with life threatening illness.


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