Greens launch plan to save SA auto manufacturing

20 Feb 2015

The Australian Greens have today launched a bold plan to save South Australia's ailing car industry by redirecting funds from the Automotive Transformation Scheme to components manufacturers looking to tap into the global market for electric vehicles.


Speech: put safe local roads ahead of polluting urban tollways

27 Aug 2014

Senator Janet Rice speaks about the Greens support for Roads to Recovery and Black Spot funding for local councils and argues the government should give more priority to local roads and public transport and less to massive new polluting tollways.


Adjournment speech: WestConnex

08 Jul 2014

WestConnex was first revealed as a con as far back as 2008, when the then Labor state government attempted to bury a damning report on the project. It revealed that a tollway would cause more problems for the community than it was attempting to solve.


Press conference: Lee on Joyce's performance at the Qantas inquiry

19 Mar 2014

Lee speaks on Alan Joyce's misdirection, scaremongering and weak evidence at the Greens' recent inquiry into Qantas


Adelaide Airport curfew powers should sit with Parliament, not the Minister

06 Mar 2014

Senator Wright's motion to give greater protection to Adelaide residents under the flight path by removing the Minister's power to approve extra flights outside the curfew.


Greens respond to Qantas job cuts

21 Feb 2014

"This latest salvo shows how low Alan Joyce is prepared to go in strong arming the government into amending the Qantas Sale Act and allowing Qantas to be sold off to foreign governments.



Adelaide Airport curfew bill second reading speech

11 Feb 2014

Senator Wright introduces a new bill to protect residents beneath the flight path of Adelaide Airport from night-time aircraft noise.


Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

05 Feb 2014

The Greens say the expected Federal cabinet announcement on a second airport at Badgerys Creek is a con job on the people of Western Sydney designed to boost developer profits using misleading claims about jobs growth and noise pollution


Greens accuse Qantas of political stunt in Hobart pull out

15 Jan 2014

The Greens have slammed the decision made by Qantas management to pull out of operations in Hobart and fire 35 staff as a political stunt that ignores the interests of workers and customers.


Senate calls on Government to seriously consider investing in Qantas

12 Dec 2013

The Australian Senate today passed a motion by Australian Greens spokesperson for Transport Senator Lee Rhiannon, noting the significant benefits of a majority Australian owned Qantas and calling on the government to seriously consider investing in the airline.

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