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There are lots of ways you can get involved with the issues the Greens MPs are working on.

You can attend an Event your MP is hosting or participating in.

Or Have Your Say about the issues that most concern you by writing a letter to a newspaper editor or calling talkback radio.

Download the Materials you need for your local campaign.

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Amnesty International has uncovered allegedly criminal behaviour by our government. Add your name to the petition demanding that PM Turnbull investigates these allegations fully.

In one month the world will converge on Paris, and we’ve just heard that Australian Prime Minister Turnbull plans to be there. We don’t have long to ramp up the pressure on the new Prime Minister. That’s why we’re hitting the streets all over the country to a send a strong message to the government.

We have a bill in Parliament to establish a Medicinal Cannabis Regulator right now -- all the Prime Minister has to do is let us vote on it.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull to free all children and their families from immigration detention immediately.

An Australian Greens bill which will ban political donations from property developers, mining companies and the alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries is already before parliament. Now we need your support to get passed. 

Australians deserve to know what rights this government is prepared to sign away (and whether the Labor Party is going to be strong enough to stand up to them.)

Dropping bombs on a country that has already been savaged by its own president and a brutal militant regime is only going to create more refugees, more violence and more suffering.

Sign up to support the Greens' campaign to Ban Greyhound Racing.

An estimated 18,000 healthy dogs are killed in the greyhound industry each year because they are too slow or they have been injured on the track. Others are kept in appalling conditions and denied their basic welfare needs.

Call your Labor Senator to make sure that they know that Australians don’t want to hand over our sovereignty, our health care and our environment to big corporations.

The Abbott Government has announced they are removing poverty alleviation as a goal of Australia's international aid program. Instead, they want to outsource international development to the private sector.

Sign the petition here.