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Rock bottom – over 98% of homes unaffordable for single households on government payments

Lee Rhiannon 27 Apr 2017
The Greens say the latest Anglicare rental affordability snapshot illustrates the magnitude of the housing crisis, and the inadequacy of the current social safety net. Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has backed Anglicare’s calls for urgent Federal intervention, including the development of a national affordable housing finance corporation, winding back negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount, and implementing a national plan for renters. 
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Labor dog-whistling on “foreign” property buyers

Lee Rhiannon 21 Apr 2017

Labor has damaged their credibility and raised doubts about their response to the housing crisis by running a scare campaign about the impact “foreigners” are having on housing prices, the Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today.

“It’s disappointing that Labor have continued the xenophobic tactics of the Turnbull government by scapegoating ‘foreigners’ in their housing announcement today,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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PM’s axe falls on housing affordability – another Turnbull failure

Lee Rhiannon 11 Feb 2017

One of the biggest failures of the Turnbull government is shaping up to be their inability to ensure all Australians have access to secure affordable housing, Greens housing spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said in response to reports that the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA) will be scrapped in the May Budget.

“Winding up the $9 billion National Affordable Housing Agreement will push more people into homelessness and lock people out of secure housing,” Senator Rhiannon said.

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Greens respond to poor Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook report card

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook released today highlights the Turnbull Government’s dead-end plan to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable Australians, Leader of the Australian Greens Dr Richard Di Natale said.

​“There is one message in this MYEFO for everyday Australians: unless you’re a big corporation or Liberal Party donor, you don’t matter.”

“Malcolm Turnbull’s plan to hand out tax cuts to the wealthiest Australians while wage growth remains stagnant is a slap in the face to ordinary Australians doing it tough.” 

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Release of Rental Affordability Index – urgent national housing strategy needed

Lee Rhiannon 23 Nov 2016

The latest Rental Affordability Index, released today, is bleak news for renters and home buyers. It reports Sydney is the most unaffordable city for renters, and Melbourne’s rental affordability is decreasing. 

“In Sydney, average renting households need to spend nearly 28 per cent of their total income on rent. This is unacceptable,” Greens spokesperson for housing Senator Rhiannon said. 

“Taxing empty homes could be one feature of a whole suite of measures to tackle this country’s housing affordability crisis, including negative gearing and capital gains tax changes.

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Greens back call for govt homelessness meet to guarantee long term funding

Lee Rhiannon 4 Nov 2016
Greens spokesperson for housing Senator Lee Rhiannon has backed calls by homelessness organisations across the country, who warned the Turnbull government that the homelessness crisis will deepen if Federal funding is cut. The Greens say the meeting of state and federal housing ministers today must confront the housing affordability crisis and guarantee long term funding for homelessness services.
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Turnbull government fails on housing affordability

Lee Rhiannon 24 Oct 2016
Greens spokesperson for housing Senator Lee Rhiannon says the Turnbull government is proving once again that it is not serious about tackling housing affordability. 
“After four years in government the Coalition have deigned to acknowledge that the housing affordability crisis exists, but continue to ignore the need to scrap the generous tax breaks distorting the market,” Senator Rhiannon said. 
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