Open Letter to Prime Minister Turnbull on recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

09 Feb 2016

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull


In a few days, you will be tabling your first Closing the Gap report in Parliament. It’s an important day for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and for our nation.


Rita Mallia: Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

02 Sep 2015

In a time when free speech, social activism, trade unionism and other pillars of democracy are under attack, it is timely to remember and reflect on the legacy of Juanita Nielsen. 


Kellie Tranter: Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture 2015

02 Sep 2015

Juanita Neilsen was a person who held a firm set of values. She was staunchly opposed to the corruption and dishonesty she encountered in government officials and property developers in Sydney in the 1970s, and the strength with which she held those values and felt obliged to speak out and act upon them ultimately cost her her life.


Data retention regime already expanding

14 May 2015

Scott speaks about the scope creep of data retention contained in the Australian Border Force Bill 2015, which sees the regime expanding just weeks after originally being passed through Parliament.

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