Data retention regime already expanding

14 May 2015

Scott speaks about the scope creep of data retention contained in the Australian Border Force Bill 2015, which sees the regime expanding just weeks after originally being passed through Parliament.


Malcolm Fraser: a man who stood by his principles for his whole life

23 Mar 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne pays tribute to Malcolm Fraser in the Senate, on behalf of the Australian Greens.


Milne: We have to restore the health of our democracy

20 Mar 2015

Greens Leader Christine Milne gives a speech in Parliament about the negative impacts of coal and coal seam gas mining on Australia's environment, and the concerning relationship between these mining activities and political corruption.


Senator Waters: Domestic violence Senate Inquiry releases interim recommendations

20 Mar 2015

The Senate Inquiry into domestic violence interim report, tabled this afternoon, recommends the Abbott Government restore the funding it has cut from domestic violence services.


Bullying/Estimates 101 - actually know your facts before interrupting

27 Feb 2015

Senator Larissa Waters questions AIMS on 26/2/15 in the Senate Economics Legislation Committee.


Government plan endangers Tasmanian Wilderness

15 Jan 2015

Christine Milne and Nick McKim respond to the leaks that the government will abandon the World Heritage Areas wilderness values and open it up to logging and the Abbott government's attack on Medicare.

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