Putting Kids First: Senator Penny Wright speaking on the Australian Education Amendment Bill (2014).

18 Nov 2014

Senator Penny Wright speaking on the Australian Education Amendment Bill (2014): "I want to assure everyone listening to this speech—every teacher, every parent and every student—that the Australian Greens are committed to a well-resourced public schooling system with genuine needs-based funding. We are watching this government closely and we will fight to preserve the hard-won Gonski reforms."


The intergenerational atomic threads that bind Australia with India, Russia and Japan.

04 Sep 2014

Adjournment speech regarding the Australian Government signing an agreement with Indian government for supply of Uranium ore. 


Ruby Hamad - 2014 Juanita Nielsen Lecture

02 Jul 2014

Ruby Hamad on saving protests from apathy, police, and bad laws. 


Jenny Leong - The Life of Juanita Nielsen 2014

02 Jul 2014

Jenny Leong on the life and times of Juanita Nielsen and the Green Bans movement.


Christine Milne's address to the National Press Club

01 Apr 2014

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne addressed the National Press Club about the WA senate election and Tony Abbott's inability to negotiate with the senate. 


Anne Gardiner - 2013 Juanita Nielsen Lecture

19 Aug 2013

Anne Gardiner delivered the 13th annual Juanita Nielsen Lecture on the topic "Has money become the only measure for success?" on 19 August 2013.

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