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While the Liberals Fight Negative Gearing Reform, 44000 young Australians are Homeless

23 Feb 2016

My question is to the Minister for Finance, representing whoever is in charge of developing the coalition's tax policies today. Minister, there are 44,000 young people and children who are homeless in this country today. Last night it was reported that there are children as young as two weeks old sleeping rough on Perth's city streets and there are more than 200,000 people on the social housing waiting list. 


QT: where will the funding come from for mental health response

26 Nov 2015

Senator Janet Rice questions the government on their failure to address funding shortfalls and stigma reduction in their response to the National Mental Health Commission's review.


Data Retention begins: Scott Ludlam's questions for Attoney-General George Brandis

14 Oct 2015

Today was meant to be the day that the $300 million Turnbull-Shorten mandatory data retention scheme came into force. Instead, it appears that more than 80 per cent of telecommunications carriers have not had their implementation plan signed off


QT: when will the discrimination end for loving couples?

12 Aug 2015

In the wake of the Coalition's decision to deny a free vote on marriage equality, Senator Rice asks what the government's message is for the thousands of loving and committed couples who are still waiting for the discrimination to end.


New citizenship laws are unlear and uncertain

25 Jun 2015

Senator Penny Wright raises concerns and questions regarding the governmen't new citizenship laws.


Government lacks committment to public school education

22 Jun 2015

Senator Penny Wright questions the Government's committment to public school education.


No answers from Cormann on the Government's negative gearing fail

15 Jun 2015

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann fails to explain the government's baseless refusal to examine sensible negative gearing reforms and the increasing housing affordability crisis.


Money for social inclusion would be more effective at preventing terror

12 May 2015

Senator Wright asks why the Abbott Government is spending more boosting the powers of spy agencies than on proven terror prevention programs.


Mental health services in crisis

25 Mar 2015

Senator Penny Wright asks the Abbott Government when they will end the funding uncertainty for mental health organisations, which is already causing job losses in the sector.


QT: East West toll road side letter drafted by consortium

19 Mar 2015

After revelations the consortium contracted to build the East West toll road wrote their own side letter ensuring exorbitant compensation, Senator Rice asked whether the federal government was aware of who had drafted the letter at the time and whether they will continue funding other toll roads like WestConnex in Sydney.


Question Time: Should George Brandis resign over Gillian Triggs mis-handling?

02 Mar 2015

If losing the confidence of the Liberal Party is grounds for resignation, what is Attorney-General and, indeed, the Prime Minister, still doing in their jobs?


Will the government give Victorians the public transport they want?

01 Dec 2014

In the light of the Victorian election result - an election which Prime Minister Tony Abbott labelled 'a referendum on the East West Link' - Senator Janet Rice asks whether the federal government will accept the will of Victorians and reallocate the $3 billion committed to the toll road to public transport instead.


Question Time: What is the government doing to save Leadbeater's Possum?

26 Nov 2014

With the current Victorian Liberal government requiring logging as part of its plan to save the state's animal emblem, the Leadbeater's Possum, and the alternative Labor government releasing an environment plan described as "as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike", Senator Rice asks what is the federal government doing to save the Leadbeater's Possum?


No cuts to the ABC lie exposed at Question Time

18 Nov 2014

Scott uses Question Time in the Senate to ask Mitch Fifield to expose Abbott's promise of no cuts to the ABC or SBS as a broken promise.


Question Time: where's the case for the East West toll road?

28 Oct 2014

In the wake of public transport chaos in Melbourne, Senator Rice asked the government why they have committed $3 billion for the East West tollway without a public business case when PT is in such need of investment.

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