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Show us your metadata Brandis

27 Aug 2014

If George Brandis has nothing to hide - why wont he reveal his own meta data?

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Christine Milne: Why did Abbott lie to Australians about the RET?

16 Aug 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, uses question time in the Senate to ask the Abbott government why they lied to the Australian public last election about changes to the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and asks when the government will release the Warburton review.


Contentious Hazelmere plant granted funding even in absence of environmental and health approvals

12 Aug 2014

The Minister for Industry has overseen the Clean Technology Innovation Fund allocate money to a contentious project that has yet to pass environmental and health regulatory requirements. Senator Ludlam asks a few pointed questions about this process and what the government is doing to assess the plant's possible impacts.


Government refuses responsibility for unsafe on-road cycle lanes, whilst taking credit for their funding.

18 Jul 2014

20/36 ‘Nation Building Roads’ don’t have their planned cycle paths separate from high speed, high volume traffic- in a straight up breach of Ausroads Standards and well known best-practise. Federal government funding is going to risk cyclist’s lives, but the best answer they can give is the standard government response- “that’s a matter for state governments”.


Government unclear and contradictory on Tax Concession Reforms

18 Jul 2014

Despite forward estimates showing a revenue gain of over 100 million, the government maintains they’re consistent with the statement “you won't see a single dollar gained in the forward estimates as a result of this reform”.


Questions Without Notice: Aid and the budget

17 Jul 2014

Lee follows up on a question she asked about overseas aid and the budget, pointing out that Australian aid increasingly helps the corporate sector.

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