Question without notice: The Budget

05 May 2016

My question is to the minister representing the Prime Minister, Senator Brandis. Last night, the budget did not mention global warming once, not a peep. The Treasurer's speech completely ignored it. The budget papers ignored it. 


Program cuts in the 2014-15 Budget - Smaller Government Reform Agenda,

03 May 2016

With reference to the following programs cut in the 2014-15 Budget as part of the Smaller Government Reform Agenda, can a list be provided of the annual budget (including operating costs and staff levels) for programs prior to their abolition?


The Affordable Housing working group

03 May 2016

With reference to the Affordable Housing working group established in January 2016, who is representing homelessness?


The National Housing Supply Council

03 May 2016

What data is Treasury compiling on the current national housing supply gap and by whom?


February 2016 Estimates: ANSTO

20 Apr 2016

The Advertiser on 4 February had a pretty big, attention-grabbing headline: 'Australia's nuclear reactor will stop making lifesaving medicines next year unless waste storage facilities are expanded'. That is not actually true, though, is it? It is not the case.


February 2016 Estimates QoN: Local content on Pay TV

19 Apr 2016

How much local Australian content does the pay TV or subscription TV industry procure annually?

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