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Greens call on Minister Pyne ditch Donnelly

17 Jul 2014

It's time to ditch Donnelly. Senator Penny Wright speaking on Channel 10's The Project about why Christopher Pyne needs to sack Kevin Donnelly over his comments on corporal punishment.


Update: Public release of secret Senate voting system

15 Jul 2014

Special Minister for State Michael Ronaldson has refused to table documents relating to Michael Cordover's FOI request.


Why are the Greens blocking the fuel tax increase?

24 Jun 2014

The Greens will not support a policy that will see $5 billion invested in roads every year by 2030 with no scope to invest in public transport infrastructure.


World Environment Day 2014: Abbott's Attacks on the Environment

05 Jun 2014

In its first nine months,the Abbott government has launched an all out attack on Australia's unique and priceless environment from the Great Barrier Reef to the World Heritage forests of Tasmania. Mr Abbott's first budget continues this radical agenda with cuts to environment programs and protections across the board. Our precious natural heritage is under threat like never before.


What About 'Blocking Supply'?

01 Jun 2014

There's a better way to kick out the Abbott government.


It's working! Say no to racial hate speech

28 May 2014

Take action: call your Coalition Senators and ask them to protect our Racial Discrimination Act

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