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2014: Abbott Government's so-called 'year of achievement'

21 Dec 2014

2014 has seen an Abbott Coalition government determined to trash our climate, rip funding from our social services and public institutions, and trample on the human rights of vulnerable asylum seekers.

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COP20 draws to a close

14 Dec 2014

COP 20 has drawn to an close after an exhausting two weeks here in Lima. We have a document, the Lima Climate Action Plan, which has been agreed after last minute negotiations between the President of the COP and each of the negotiating blocs.


COP20 Blog: Lima roundup Monday

09 Dec 2014

Christine's round-up of Day 1 at #COP20 Lima.


Amidst the gloom there are moments of light: Sierra Leone

08 Dec 2014

Before leaving Monrovia I get an early morning coffee with the Australian doctor leading the UNICEF response in Liberia. He’s one of several Australians playing a key role in the emergency effort. He’s worried that complacency may set in and tells me no one can predict where things will be in six months. There’s even a possibility that we may never eliminate it, that Ebola may become endemic.


Blog: the night that humanity, justice and a fair go went missing

05 Dec 2014

Janet Rice's first 5 months as Senator has been book-ended by removal of the price on carbon and the removal of justice for asylum seekers. Senator Rice discusses how the Migration and Maritime Powers Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill 2014 passed in parliament, and what's next in the fight for sensible, human refugee policy.

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