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#estimates - the Australia Council and cleaning up after George Brandis

23 Nov 2015

We heard from the Ministry for the Arts in the final hearing of the Senate Arts Inquiry. After months of hearings and submissions it is still unclear why the Abbott-Turnbull Government were motivated to set up the NPEA/Catalyst in the first place. No consultation took place. No one in the industry wants it. Senator Brandis clearly broke something that didn’t need fixing.

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#estimates - Perth Freight link, and "low-quality sand"

13 Nov 2015

In this spillover senate estimates hearing, Scott asked about the environmental approval of Roe 8, and Liberal Senators pretended that the Beeliar wetland isn't a wetland. Or the 4 lane freeway through the wetland won't damage the wetland. Or something.


14 things we learned in Senate estimates

01 Nov 2015

Senate estimates is supposed to be where we learn things about how the government is spending taxpayers' dollars. So we tried to do that.


Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (Williamtown)

21 Oct 2015

Through extensive questioning, Lee has ascertained that from 2003 to 2011 the Defence Department failed to inform Williamtown residents of the dangers posed by contaminants used at the airforce base. The contaminants found in run off from the Williamtown Base are perfluorinated compounds, including the toxic chemicals PFOA and PFOS. 



Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (Agricultural Commissioner)

21 Oct 2015

Lee questions a representative of the ACCC on the creation of a new role within the Commission: the Agricultural Commissioner. 


Estimates: Community Affairs Legislation Committee (Animal Experiments)

21 Oct 2015

Lee questions representatives of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) on animal testing, and why a national database isn't in place to prevent unnecessary duplication of animal experiments. 

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