At a time when the gap between rich and poor is growing, the Australian Greens want to ensure we all get a fair share of Australia's prosperity. We have demonstrated our economic responsibility by supporting the Government in managing the global financial crisis, savings thousands of jobs and small businesses. We negotiated to improve the stimulus package including providing a $500m community jobs fund.

We strongly support a tax on the mining industry's super profits which if properly applied would generate revenue for the benefit of all Australians into the future. Along with many respected economists we support a sovereign wealth fund being established from the proceeds of the mining boom to help address the two speed economy affecting many business and jobs in non-mining industries such as tourism and manufacturing. 

The Australia Greens were instrumental in the most important economic reform in recent times, the Clean Energy Future package, which is a key step in transforming Australia's economy into a clean, zero carbon 21st century economy and seizing the opportunities of creating jobs and investment.


Greens move to reaffirm tripartite commitment to overseas aid budget

30 Apr 2012

The Greens will move a motion in both houses of parliament next week seeking to reaffirm the tripartite commitment to the target of at least 0.5% of gross national income going to overseas aid by 2015


Government right to tackle super tax concessions; Greens offer way forward

20 Apr 2012

The Greens are offering the Government full cooperation in reforming superannuation tax concessions, as speculated on in today's press, as a matter of equity and as a revenue measure.


Hockey’s vision for a dog-eat-dog Australia

19 Apr 2012

The Greens will vigorously defend a vision for Australia that sees us properly and fairly support each other and provide universal public health and education against Joe Hockey's vision of a dog-eat-dog world where short term profits are more important than people and planet.


Not too late to slow the mining gravy train

11 Apr 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown today welcomed the AWU's support for a mining tax that delivers a fair return and sets aside funds for future generations.


Essential to put economy & services ahead of doctrinaire surplus

10 Apr 2012

The Essential poll showing 73% support maintaining services and investment and a delay in returning to a budget surplus, backs the Greens' call for the Government to drop its doctrinaire insistence on a 2012-13 surplus.


Women and super: Greens call for reform to address inequity

10 Apr 2012

Ensuring women have sufficient superannuation to last them in retirement demands that the government address policy settings around superannuation that negatively impact upon women, says Greens Senator and women's spokesperson Lee Rhiannon.


Wrong way on economy, go back: Brown to Swan

07 Apr 2012

Treasurer Wayne Swan should reverse the government's doctrinaire insistence on a surplus in the May budget, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.


Time to commit to a down-payment on Gonski's education plan

05 Apr 2012

A down-payment in the May budget on more education spending, in line with Gonski's reforms, would demonstrate a genuine commitment.


Cut fossil fuel handouts, not Department of Climate Change staff

04 Apr 2012

The government should be looking for savings measures by cutting wasteful multi-billion dollar handouts to fossil fuel companies, not by sacking people whose job it is to help protect the climate.


Government and Opposition both failing fiscal responsibility test

01 Apr 2012

Neither the Government nor the Opposition have the revenue options to fund disability insurance, childcare, aged care, Denticare and schools, unless they abandon proposed tax cuts for big business and get rid of wasteful fossil fuel subsidies.

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