At a time when the gap between rich and poor is growing, the Australian Greens want to ensure we all get a fair share of Australia's prosperity. We have demonstrated our economic responsibility by supporting the Government in managing the global financial crisis, savings thousands of jobs and small businesses. We negotiated to improve the stimulus package including providing a $500m community jobs fund.

We strongly support a tax on the mining industry's super profits which if properly applied would generate revenue for the benefit of all Australians into the future. Along with many respected economists we support a sovereign wealth fund being established from the proceeds of the mining boom to help address the two speed economy affecting many business and jobs in non-mining industries such as tourism and manufacturing. 

The Australia Greens were instrumental in the most important economic reform in recent times, the Clean Energy Future package, which is a key step in transforming Australia's economy into a clean, zero carbon 21st century economy and seizing the opportunities of creating jobs and investment.


Lee Rhiannon on ABC 24's Capital Hill

15 May 2013

Lee Rhiannon joined host Lyndal Curtis and Liberal MP Josh Frydenberg on Wednesday 15 May 2015 to discuss DisabilityCare, raising the Medicare levy and the federal budget.


WA in the Budget - good, bad, and pretty ugly

14 May 2013

Budget delivers good news for transport in Western Australia but no relief for the housing affordability crisis, WA Senator Scott Ludlam said.


A Weaker, Dumber, Meaner, Australia 2013 Budget: Greens

14 May 2013

Mining Tax slumps to $200 million as $1 billion taken from clean energy and the environment and $2.3 billion cut from universities

This is a disappointing Budget that will make Australia weaker, dumber and meaner say the Australian Greens.


Greens Not Supporting Dumb Uni Cuts

14 May 2013

The Australian Greens won't be supporting legislation to enable cuts to university scholarships mooted in tonight's budget, Leader Christine Milne announced today.


Meagre news for single parents and job seekers as the Government struggles to save face

13 May 2013

The Australian Greens said today that the Government's meagre changes to Newstart and parenting payments in tomorrow's budget are nothing more than a face saving exercise.


Carr fails to protect aid budget from cuts

13 May 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr's has walked away from a promise to keep aid increases on track, said Greens spokesperson for overseas aid Lee Rhiannon following confirmation that the aid will be targeted in tomorrow's budget and that aid money will continue to be diverted to pay for onshore asylum-seeker costs.



Greens shine a spotlight on the mining tax

08 Apr 2013

Western Australian Senator Scott Ludlam today used the inquiry into the mining super profits tax in Perth to scrutinise the failure of the major parties to make the mining boom deliver benefits for the majority of Australians.


Fix mining tax not research cuts: Bandt

21 Feb 2013

Adam Bandt says the Greens want to see the mining tax fixed before considering any changes to R&D.


We will close miners asset loop hole: Greens

14 Feb 2013

Greens move to close loop hole which allow mining companies to exaggerate the value of their assets to get a higher tax break.


Show me the money

08 Jan 2013

The Greens' recent decision to have our policies costed prompted a range of reactions.

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