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The Greens goal is for all Australians to have access to safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing. The housing affordability crisis in Australia has come to define this generation. Successive governments have failed to keep up with the housing needs of a diverse, growing and ageing population or the unprecedented housing stress in boom towns. We are advocating for new and long term solutions that increase choice and security of tenure, and provide diverse types of housing in the places we want to live. 

We are working toward increasing the supply of affordable housing instead of artificially stimulating demand, and believe it’s long past time to re-examine the taxation treatment of housing which has promoted housing as just another asset class, rather than housing as a human right. 


Stop Millers Point public housing sell-off - Senate backs Greens motion

16 Jul 2014

The Australian Senate has passed a Greens' motion calling on the NSW government to cease selling public housing in the historic inner Sydney suburb of Millers Point.


The Government releases an extract of the cost benefit analysis on Roe 8: a confected pseudo economic analysis not worth the paper it's printed on.

08 Jul 2014


The Abbott Government has partially complied with motion by the Senate to produce the cost benefit analysis for Roe 8, releasing an extract of a "rapid benefit cost ratio analysis" that can only be described as a confected fantasy. 


Motion to reveal Roe 8 business case

25 Jun 2014

Motion calling on Government to produce Roe Highway business case.


Infrastructure Australia Bill debate begins!

23 Jun 2014

The Greens are pushing for greater transparency and a consideration of social, environmental and economic costs.


Senate estimates: Is there any commitment from this Government on homelessness?

05 Jun 2014

Scott is working with 40 or 50 people sleeping in their cars and in swags and in tents in a car park in Rockingham.
He asks the government what he can take home to them about this government's policy on homelessness, and whether the cumulative impacts of the budget will be to throw thousands or probably tens of thousands more people into homelessness.

The government's silence is deafening.


Senate Estimates: What is the future of the National Rental Affordability Scheme?

05 Jun 2014

The Abbott Government has capped the NRAS at 38,000 incentives but there are no plans to extend the scheme beyond that, so what is the future of the NRAS?


Senate Estimates: Abbott's lack of policy on housing and homelessness

05 Jun 2014

The Abbott Government has sacked anyone with any expertise on housing supply, cut $40m from the capital budgets of homelessness support providers and abolished the National Rental Affordability Scheme.


Senate Estimates: The Broken Deal on Point Peron

29 May 2014

A deal was made in 1964 between the then Prime Minister and the then Premier that the land at Point Peron would never be developed for commercial purposes- but the Government is now backing out of that deal.


Senate Estimates: The Great Land Sell off!

29 May 2014

The Government is pulling together a list of land to sell to the private sector but there is no guarantee it will be used for affordable housing.

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