Housing & Sustainable Cities

The Greens goal is for all Australians to have access to safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing. The housing affordability crisis in Australia has come to define this generation. Successive governments have failed to keep up with the housing needs of a diverse, growing and ageing population or the unprecedented housing stress in boom towns. We are advocating for new and long term solutions that increase choice and security of tenure, and provide diverse types of housing in the places we want to live. 

We are working toward increasing the supply of affordable housing instead of artificially stimulating demand, and believe it’s long past time to re-examine the taxation treatment of housing which has promoted housing as just another asset class, rather than housing as a human right. 


Greens call for construction-led south-east stimulus package

12 Feb 2014

Victoria, South Australia & NSW need an economic stimulus package to create jobs and transition to a clean economy Adam Bandt said today.


Perth Light Rail latest casualty of AAA-rated incompetence

18 Dec 2013

Today Premier Barnett has announced Perth Light Rail (MAX) is the latest casualty of his AAA-rated incompetence as he "delays" MAX for three years. 


Shocking figures on homelessness highlight need for national agreement

17 Dec 2013

Today's shocking figures on homelessness highlight the urgent need for national agreement and certainty about long term funding 


Motion on Homelessness

17 Dec 2013

A motion calling for the new government to urgently re-commit to the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, which provides funding for more than 180 services and helps 80,000 people every year.


Senate Speech - Standing up for WA's Environment and the multiple fronts on which our environment is under assault.

03 Dec 2013

Scott speaks on the multiple fronts our precious WA environment is under attack and acknowledges the many people who work in defence of life on earth and form the backbone of the environment movement, which has done so much to protect and preserve the environment sustaining our communities and economy.


Australian dream of home ownership now a nightmare – shame Abbott shot the messenger

25 Nov 2013

While buying a first home is now out of reach for many, the Abbott Government has axed the key housing advisory body and is washing its hands of all responsibility for the warped state of the Australian housing market.


Fiscal Treasury Group on housing and the axing of the Housing Supply Council

21 Nov 2013

Fiscal Treasury Group on housing and the axing of the Housing Supply Council 


Infrastructure and City Planning priorities under the new Prime Minister

18 Nov 2013

What do you get when you cross a PM who believes roads are good for your health and good for the environment and a Senator who speaks for Sustainable Cities? This, that's what.

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