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The Greens want an independent Australian foreign policy with relationships with the rest of the world based on mutual respect. We believe that Australia can play an important role in standing up for human rights and democracy for all citizens. We think Australia should play a proactive role in promoting peace and ecological sustainability in the world through strong international agreements.


Government should recognise the state of Palestine

05 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens will move the following motion when Federal Parliament resumes in 2015


Nuclear-Capable Strategic Bombers in Northern Territory

04 Dec 2014

This year Australia's, America's and other nations' airforces held air exercises in the Northern Territory for Excercise Pitch Black.
Hearing word that there were B-52 bombers, a strategic bomber synonymous with their nuclear weapons capabilities, Scott decided to confirm or deny the rumour.
Whilst at it, he decided to make sure that we're not hosting dangerous nuclear targets on home soil, and that we're abiding by our obligations under the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty.
Whilst refusing to answer on the first question, the government insists its abiding by the treaty, which requires Australia to not allow nuclear weapons to be stationed on our territory.


Coalition must not politicise assistance for Aussies overseas

03 Dec 2014

Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government's new strategy for restricting consular assistance to Australians abroad leaves too much room for interpretation and political motivation.


Senate backs Greens motion in support of Peter Greste

02 Dec 2014

The Australian Senate has declared support for Peter Greste and freedom of the press, endorsing a motion moved by Greens Leader Christine Milne.


Christine Milne: Egyptian Government must ensure a just appeal process for Peter Greste [Motion]

02 Dec 2014

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, introduces a senate motion with the Government and Opposition calling for the Egyptian Government to ensure a fair, just and timely resolution to the appeals process for the detained Australian journalist, Peter Greste.


Senators' Statements: Remembering the Tamils in Sri Lanka

26 Nov 2014

November 27 is a very important day for Tamils both in Sri Lanka and in the many countries they now call home. It is a day they remember with deep pain and sadness the 26 year long civil war in Sri Lanka in which over hundred thousand Tamils were killed and the more than 60 years of systematic Sri Lankan state orchestrated brutality towards them.


PM Abbott lies to French president on climate

19 Nov 2014

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says it is a complete deception for Tony Abbott to claim he's acting on climate change with $10 billion in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, when he plans to abolish that very instrument, and when his government describes it as a complete waste of taxpayers' money.


China Antarctic MOU welcome boost to Tasmanian economy

18 Nov 2014

China's commitment to using Australia as an Antarctic gateway is welcome news for Tasmanians working in the science, research and shipping sectors, Greens senators said today.


Greens bill to crack down on mining bribes and corruption overseas

27 Oct 2014

The Australians Greens have announced a bill to help crack down on corruption in Australian companies that operate overseas.


Book launch: Sri Lanka's Secrets by Trevor Grant

25 Oct 2014 | 3:30 pm

Trevor Grant in conversation with Senator Rhiannon about his new book 'Sri Lanka's Secrets'.

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