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BlueScope's profit result undermines attempts to shut down Port Kembla steelworks

BlueScope's $134 million profit, and the nine per cent increase in revenue from last financial year, undermine the company's claims that it needs "sacrifices from its workforce" at Port Kembla in order to remain profitable, Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said.

"BlueScope is threatening to shut down operations in Port Kembla, putting at risk tens of thousands of jobs across the Illawarra and the region's future economic viability," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Senate asks Abbott government to save Port Kembla steel industry

The Senate today has passed a Greens motion calling on the Federal government to intervene in the fate of BlueScope to save the steel industry in Port Kembla and 10 000 jobs.

Greens spokesperson for NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said: "The Senate's request for the federal government to act is about protecting existing jobs in the Illawarra while building a platform for the next generation of economic growth in the region.

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Government on a hiding to nothing with its IR agenda: Greens

Greens Member for Melbourne and industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the government is on a hiding to nothing after the Senate’s rejection of two key parts of its industrial relations agenda yesterday. The Senate voted down the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014 for a second time and the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013.

“The Senate is standing up for democracy and saying we won’t have separate penalties for unions and fewer rights for people who work in the construction industry,” Mr Bandt said.

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Senate stands up for rights at work

Greens Member for Melbourne and industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Senate had stood up for democracy by voting down the bill to re-establish the ABCC.

“Today the Senate stood up for democracy and the rule of law and rejected the government’s push to re-establish the ABCC,” Mr Bandt said.

“They Senate has made it clear that people won’t have fewer rights at work just because of the industry they work in.”

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Greens throw full weight behind steel-making jobs

The Greens NSW conference meeting this weekend in Gloucester unanimously endorsed the campaign to save the blast furnace at Port Kembla using state and federal government purchasing polices, according to Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon.

The party also called for the NSW state government to take up part ownership of the steel mill in return for financial support delivered through requiring at least 50 percent of all steel in publicly-funded infrastructure projects to come from Australian blast furnaces.

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Woolworths Laverton dispute shows we need to change Fair Work laws: Bandt

Greens industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today supported the Woolworths Laverton workers taking action and said this dispute adds further weight for the government to amend the Fair Work Act.

“In an economy where the unemployment rate is high and people are facing an uncertain future for their jobs, I can understand the stress and anxiety these workers are feeling,” Mr Bandt said.

“They and their families are depending on secure work for their livelihoods and it’s no wonder they are taking action to stand up for their jobs.”

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Greens move to ensure treatment of Hutchison Ports employees not repeated

Greens Industrial Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Greens supported the 97 Hutchison Ports Australia employees who were dismissed late at night by text message and email. Mr Bandt will today give notice of a motion in the House of Representatives that calls on the government to amend the Fair Work Act so that unfair actions from employers in the future do not require the Fair Work Commission to issue orders against employees.

“The Greens stand in support of the 97 people who have been dismissed by Hutchison Ports Australia,” Mr Bandt said.

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Abbott's 'jobs and growth' sloganeering stops at Vic border

Responding to news that up to 100 shipbuilding jobs based in Williamstown could be lost, Greens industry spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said Tony Abbott's 'jobs and growth' sloganeering had nothing to offer Victoria.

Mr Bandt called on the Prime Minister to implement the Greens' housing and construction-led industry plan to address the nation's rising unemployment and create jobs in Victoria and across the south-eastern states.

"Tony Abbott has an empty 'jobs and growth' slogan that offers nothing for Victoria," Mr Bandt said.

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Greens will make penalty rates an election issue: Bandt

Responding to the Productivity Commission’s draft report into the workplace relations framework, Greens employment and industrial relations spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said the Greens will make penalty rates a key election issue in the upcoming Federal Election. “Any cuts to penalty rates will be a body blow for young people across the country,” Mr Bandt said.

“With housing prices so high and wages growing so slowly, young people working in retail and hospitality depend on penalty rates to support themselves and make ends meet.”

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