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Lee is the Australian Greens spokesperson on Democracy. The Greens are committed to reforms that give people more of a say in how Australian government works and introduces proportional representation. The Greens are campaigning to remove the corrupting influence of donations from Australian politics and to strengthen the democratic values of our voting system. 

The Greens are committed to ensuring that those marginalised and with little power have their voice heard and can genuinely participate in the political process.   We are working to tighten the federal lobbyist code of conduct which is weak and lags behind other countries.


Sen Lee Rhiannon responds to Four Corners report on ICAC and NSW Labor

12 Mar 2013

Greens Senator for NSW and democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon does a doorstop discussing last night's Four Corners program and calling for reform of political donations and a federal ICAC.



Quick action needed to secure referendum on local govt recognition

07 Mar 2013

With a parliamentary inquiry report recommending a referendum to recognise local government in the constitution at the September election, Australian Greens local government spokesperson and committee member Senator Lee Rhiannon has called on the Gillard government to introduce required legislation soon after parliament resumes next week.


Copper mine conflict shows need for vigilance on Burma

27 Feb 2013

The Australian Government's hunger for trade ties with Burma ignores the ongoing dominance of the military and undermines the reform movement, the Australian Greens warned today.


Sinodinos and Australian Water donations show reform overdue

27 Feb 2013

The controversy surrounding Australian Water Holdings and its former chair Arthur Sinodinos over donations to both federal and NSW Coalition parties and AWH's links with a company associated with Eddie Obeid underlines why the federal government and opposition should back political donation reform, Australian Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today. 


Estimates: The Australian Information Commissioner

26 Feb 2013

Estimates - Australian Greens Senator and democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon questions the Australian Information Commissioner.


Estimates: Application of FOI to the Parliamentary Library and Senate Department

26 Feb 2013

Greens Senator and democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon the Department of the Senate and the Parliamentary Library about the application of freedom of information to these bodies.


Greens amendments would retain fair access for smaller parties

25 Feb 2013

Labor’s moves to increase the nomination fee and the number of nominators required to register as a candidate would make it much harder for smaller parties and Independents to register and participate in elections and is therefore a risk to democracy, said Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon who will move amendments in the Senate today.



Door opens on electoral funding – time to clean up political donations

22 Feb 2013

Commenting on today’s government announcement on electoral funding reform, Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon has called for the new law to include bans and caps on political donations to ensure an end to the corrupting culture of corporate money buying influence in the democratic process.


Constitutional recognition of local govt referendum: inquiry evidence backs go ahead

20 Feb 2013

With QLD Premier Campbell Newman writing to his fellow Premiers calling on them to support a referendum on constitutional recognition of local government at the upcoming election, and strong support from local councils around Australia, it is clear momentum is building for a referendum so this important level of government is recognised, says Australian Greens local government spokesperson Lee Rhiannon commenting on parliamentary committee hearings in Sydney today.


Carr pushes barrow for Burmese regime while repression continues

07 Feb 2013

Foreign Minister Bob Carr's enthusiasm for making Burma ‘open for business' will undermine the movement for further reform, the Australian Greens warned today.

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