Lee is the Australian Greens spokesperson on Democracy. The Greens are committed to reforms that give people more of a say in how Australian government works and introduces proportional representation. The Greens are campaigning to remove the corrupting influence of donations from Australian politics and to strengthen the democratic values of our voting system. 

The Greens are committed to ensuring that those marginalised and with little power have their voice heard and can genuinely participate in the political process.   We are working to tighten the federal lobbyist code of conduct which is weak and lags behind other countries.



Update: Public release of secret Senate voting system

15 Jul 2014

Special Minister for State Michael Ronaldson has refused to table documents relating to Michael Cordover's FOI request.


Motion: AEC Senate Count Software

10 Jul 2014

Lee successfully moves a motion that the AEC produce the Senate count software requested by Michael Cordover.


Adjournment speech: Juanita Nielsen

08 Jul 2014

Lee pays tribute to the work of this 1970's activist who stood up for her Kings Cross community against corrupt property developers of that era. Today, public housing in Sydney is being considered for sell off by state government and we are reminded of Nielsen's commitment to local community values.


Liberal plan to side step corporate funding ban

28 Jun 2014

Liberal Party federal President Alan Stockdale' call for his party to accept corporate membership fees would defeat efforts to clean up politics.


Parliament Gagged As Tony Abbott Delivers for the 1%

24 Jun 2014

Tony Abbott’s agenda was writ large as his Government prevented parliament from fully debating the laws to cut welfare and repeal the price on carbon and mining tax


$200k donation further insight into murky world of political fundraising

03 Jun 2014

Was it the ‘Wheel of Fortune' or ‘Sale of the Century' when the Free Enterprise Foundation tried to quietly bring in $200,000 from Monte Carlo?


Address to the National General Assembly of Local Government

17 Jun 2014 | 12:00 pm

The Australian Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne, will be delivering a short address to the National General Assembly of Local Government.


Prime Minister must act to ban party fundraisers at Parliament House

25 May 2014

To clear the air on how Bronwyn Bishop has used her office to raise money for the Liberal Party the Prime Minister should require Ms Bishop to immediately release details of any party fundraisers she has held, and call on all MPs to do the same.


Greens will pursue donations conflict of interest involving Tony Abbott

21 May 2014

The Greens will pursue the matter of conflicts of interest involving Tony Abbott and donations.


Liberals, Labor dodge vote on national ICAC

15 May 2014

The Australian Greens say it's outrageous that other parties are shielding the federal parliament and public service from corruption investigations, by refusing to vote on the creation of a national version of ICAC.

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