Lee is the Australian Greens spokesperson on Democracy. The Greens are committed to reforms that give people more of a say in how Australian government works and introduces proportional representation. The Greens are campaigning to remove the corrupting influence of donations from Australian politics and to strengthen the democratic values of our voting system. 

The Greens are committed to ensuring that those marginalised and with little power have their voice heard and can genuinely participate in the political process.   We are working to tighten the federal lobbyist code of conduct which is weak and lags behind other countries.



SKY: AM Agenda interview about Bronwyn Bishop and Reclaim Australia

20 Jul 2015

Bronwyn Bishop's misuse of parliamentary entitlements should be handled in the same manner as the AFP investigation into former speaker Peter Slipper's use of his parliamentary Cabcharge allowance to the value of $954.


Bishop copter debacle set to dog Abbott

19 Jul 2015

If Bronwyn Bishop signed the parliamentary form declaring that her $5000 is a legitimate expense then it is fraud and paying back the money is not enough.


Greens call for independent investigation into chopper scandal

17 Jul 2015

Australian Greens are calling for a full, independent investigation into the Bronwyn Bishop Melbourne to Geelong chopper scandal. 


Bishop should refund $5,000

16 Jul 2015

It would be appropriate for Ms Bishop to immediately pay back the $5,000 if she did bill the taxpayer for a charter flight in order to attend a political party fundraiser.


Bishop's $5000 helicopter ride signals time for a major overhaul of MPs' entitlements

15 Jul 2015

If Bronwyn Bishop argues that her $5000 helicopter ride is within the rules clearly it is time that the rules for MPs' entitlements were given a major overhaul.


Call for Labor conference to make political donation reform top priority

08 Jul 2015

The Labor Party should ensure far reaching political donation reform is a top priority for debate and decision at their July National Conference.


Mafia political donation scandal - Abbott and Shorten must act

30 Jun 2015

The Prime Minister and leader of the opposition would be wise to move quickly to clean up electoral funding laws following the reports linking major political fund raising with a campaign to allow a known mafia figure to stay in Australia.


Mafia linked political donations show Liberal, Labor out of excuses on donations reform

29 Jun 2015

Today's reports that the Mafia are attending political party fundraisers and donating to Liberal and Labor candidates puts the spotlight on the need for urgent overhaul of electoral funding laws,


Increase in political donation threshold to $13,000 spurs call for reform

17 Jun 2015

The threshold for the disclosure of political donations is set to hit $13,000 from 1 July and the Greens plan to step up their campaign for greater transparency for donations to political parties.

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