Lee is the Australian Greens spokesperson on Democracy. The Greens are committed to reforms that give people more of a say in how Australian government works and introduces proportional representation. The Greens are campaigning to remove the corrupting influence of donations from Australian politics and to strengthen the democratic values of our voting system. 

The Greens are committed to ensuring that those marginalised and with little power have their voice heard and can genuinely participate in the political process.   We are working to tighten the federal lobbyist code of conduct which is weak and lags behind other countries.



Speech: Lee speaks about ICAC

23 Sep 2014

The ICAC report into New South Wales politics is due to be handed down in December, possibly close to Christmas. The work of ICAC holds significance for our own work as federal MPs and all aspects of federal public life. It is clearly time for a federal ICAC.


Greens welcome pledge to enhance Parliamentary Budget Office

11 Sep 2014

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne welcomes today's commitment from Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen that a Labor government would enhance the role of the independent Parliamentary Budget Office.

"The Greens set up the PBO in our agreement with the former government and it has already improved accountability and transparency when it comes to promises made by all political parties," said Senator Milne.



"It's got to stop" - Greens call for a national ICAC

09 Sep 2014

Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne tells the press in Hobart: We to restore strength in our democracy and that means creating an anti-corruption commission with teeth.

To date, the Liberal, National and Labor parties have opposed the Greens' moves for a national ICAC.

The Bill is still before the parliament and it's time to pass it into law.


ICAC: Group Colleges Australia and links with Nicolaou

09 Sep 2014

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon responds to news that Liberal NSW fundraiser Paul Nicolaou is again caught up in ICAC scandals.


Speech: Greens support road transport infrastructure and safety

27 Aug 2014

Lee questions Coalition actions on road funding and their commitment to productivity and safety.


Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters: Conduct of the 2013 federal election and related matters

29 Jul 2014

Lee questions the ACT electoral commissioner on the open-source software used for electronic voting in the ACT.


Update: Public release of secret Senate voting system

15 Jul 2014

Special Minister for State Michael Ronaldson has refused to table documents relating to Michael Cordover's FOI request.


Motion: AEC Senate Count Software

10 Jul 2014

Lee successfully moves a motion that the AEC produce the Senate count software requested by Michael Cordover.


Adjournment speech: Juanita Nielsen

08 Jul 2014

Lee pays tribute to the work of this 1970's activist who stood up for her Kings Cross community against corrupt property developers of that era. Today, public housing in Sydney is being considered for sell off by state government and we are reminded of Nielsen's commitment to local community values.


Liberal plan to side step corporate funding ban

28 Jun 2014

Liberal Party federal President Alan Stockdale' call for his party to accept corporate membership fees would defeat efforts to clean up politics.

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