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Op ed: All guns blazing on live ex

This piece was first published by the Farm Weekly on 3 April 2014.

WHIPPING up a tirade about the Greens and their “extremist backers” supposedly holding producers to “ransom” over the live export trade might work for Mr Joyce’s fondness for colourful language but it does nothing to address the needs of rural communities.

His public response to the Greens Bill to end the live export trade and the disallowance motion to prevent the recommencement of the trade in livestock with Egypt has been short on rational analysis and big on abuse.

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Greens introduce legislation to end cruel cosmetics

17 March 2014

Greens introduce legislation to end cruel cosmetics

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Rhiannon will introduce a bill to 
ban the testing and sale of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients that have been tested on animals in Australia 
ban the import and sale of cosmetic products tested on animals.  

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Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)

Economics Legislation Committee


TREASURY PORTFOLIO - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Senator RHIANNON: There is growing interest in news that some food producers have been investigated and prosecuted for claims their products come from free-range animals. How many complaints, using free-range claims, have been lodged with the ACCC?

Mr Sims : A lot. Mr Gregson is looking up the answer. If we do not have it immediately we will get back to you on it.

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Greens call on all state govts to follow ACT farm animal protection law

25 February 2014

Greens call on all state govts to follow ACT farm animal protection law 

The ACT historic law that bans battery cages for egg production and the use of sow stalls and gestation crates for pigs should be adopted by all state governments, Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said today.

Senator Rhiannon said “The passing of the ACT Greens Animal Welfare (Factory Farming) Bill is momentous. This is a great day for farm animals and provides a model for other jurisdictions. 

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Estimates: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee (Department of Agriculture)

Senator RHIANNON: Dr Grimes, these questions were submitted on notice in November last year, but I have not received an answer so I will ask them again. With regard to the funding of projects that promote kangaroo meat to consumers, what responsibility does the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation have to ensure its funded projects do not present a health risk to consumers?

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4000 sheep deaths at sea - accountability needed

17 January 2014

Commenting on the death of 4 000 sheep at sea last August, Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said:

"The Department of Agriculture (DAFF) should explain to the Australian public why a disaster of such magnitude has been kept a secret for the past five months.

"DAFF's silence on this horrific incident serves nothing but to protect the exporter Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) from bad publicity.

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Coalition challenged to phase out live exports after new footage of brutality

12 December 2013

Commenting on new evidence of extreme cruelty inflicted on cattle exported from Australia, the Greens have challenged the Coalition to transition the industry to trade in chilled boxed meat to ensure markets for Australian farmers.

"This latest evidence obtained by Animals Australia showing horrific brutality of cattle is the worst we have seen yet and has to be the last," Greens spokesperson for Animal Welfare Senator Lee Rhiannon said.

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