Make the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement text public

09 Mar 2012

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a trade agreement being negotiated between Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Join us in thanking the legal team who defeated the Malaysia people swap deal

02 Sep 2011

On Wednesday the High Court made a landmark ruling against Government’s Malaysian people swap deal.

Some people are now criticising the court and the lawyers who took the case. But many Australians want to thank those involved in taking it on.

In fact, they’ve done this on behalf of compassionate Australians who always knew the government’s move was wrong.

Australia should never have entered into a deal with a country where rights could not be guaranteed.

With the majority of Australians outraged over the Malaysia deal, particularly the expulsion of unaccompanied children, this decision is testament the hard work of the legal team led by Debbie Mortimer SC and David Manne.

Please add your thanks to the work of the legal team in upholding the rule of law, and Australia’s obligations to vulnerable people.

Off-shore processing is a policy which defies common sense because it is not a deterrent, is expensive to maintain and merely breaks already fragile people.

It’s time for the major parties to abandon offshore processing.

After 10 years of failed policies, a new approach is needed.

Let the legal team know that there is support for an alternative.


5% emission target is not enough

17 Dec 2008

On Monday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd raised the white flag of surrender on climate change when he announced an emissions reduction target for Australia of just 5% below 2000 levels (4% below 1990 levels).
On Tuesday, Australians gathered in capital cities to begin the community campaign to tell Kevin Rudd: ‘No surrender on climate change'.


Minister Carr: spend aid to alleviate poverty, not on inhumane detention

18 Dec 2012

The Labor Government has just announced that around $400 million will be cut from foreign aid, and used to fund the cruel indefinite detention of vulnerable people who come to Australia seeking our pr


A Royal Commission investigating the Shen Neng 1

07 Apr 2010

The Greens are calling for a Royal Commission into how the events that lead to the grounding of the coal ship Shen Neng 1 on the Great Barrier Reef occured. Certainly, the coal industry should be held to account, and with plans to expand shipping traffic in this region carrying coal and natural gas exports, this is an urgent situation that must be addressed immediately.

We are asking you to add your voice to this call – sign this petition, and join the thousands of Australians demanding answers, action and accountability from the state and federal governments entrusted with the care of the Great Barrier Reef.


Queensland Forests: too precious to lose

26 Feb 2013

Premier Newman has ripped up the agreement between industry and environment groups forged over decades to protect our remaining native forests, threatening about 2 million hectares in central and Nort


Julia and Tony, get out of the way

16 Jun 2012

The Australian community wants marriage equality in our laws. The Greens get it. Julia & Tony, why don’t you?


Demand an end to live exports

05 Sep 2011

The live exports industry is responsible for the brutal exploitation of animals around the world.


Changes to Youth Allowance

28 May 2009

The Government plans to remove two of the three work eligibility criteria from the Independence Test for Youth Allowance, effective from January 2010.

This impacts greatly on prospective university students who have deferred their studies, embarked upon a gap year and worked in good faith that they would qualify as Independent and be able to leave home to start university.

30,700 students are estimated to be affected by the removal of these work eligibility criteria, and despite the Government's assurances, we are yet to know how many of those 30,700 will be eligible for income support under the changes.