Petition to condemn the Coalition's fear mongering & vilification of refugees

28 Feb 2013

The Coalition’s immigration spokesperson Scott Morrison has called for a freeze on bridging visas, special ‘behaviour protocols’ for refugees and asylum seekers, and police notifications whenever refu


10 Years on, still no answers on David Hicks.

25 Jun 2012

Ten years ago, the infamous Guantanamo Bay detention camp was established and Australian David Hicks became one of the first inmates.


Demand an end to live exports

05 Sep 2011

The live exports industry is responsible for the brutal exploitation of animals around the world.


Changes to Youth Allowance

28 May 2009

The Government plans to remove two of the three work eligibility criteria from the Independence Test for Youth Allowance, effective from January 2010.

This impacts greatly on prospective university students who have deferred their studies, embarked upon a gap year and worked in good faith that they would qualify as Independent and be able to leave home to start university.

30,700 students are estimated to be affected by the removal of these work eligibility criteria, and despite the Government's assurances, we are yet to know how many of those 30,700 will be eligible for income support under the changes.


Support our children by boosting the number of qualified early childcare teachers

17 Jan 2013

As parents, we expect that the people caring for and educating our children will be well qualified. Currently this just isn’t the case and it needs to be fixed.


No Road Tunnel – Fund public Transport

05 Dec 2011

The Baillieu government is attempting to push ahead with the East-West tunnel previously proposed by the Brumby government and has sought $30 million from Federal Infrastructure Australia for further


Julia & Tony, get out of the way

29 Sep 2010

The Australian community wants marriage equality in our laws. The Greens get it. Julia & Tony, why don’t you?


High speed rail: get on board

28 Nov 2012

Today I released a report that identifies $48 billion in benefits to the Australia


Send a backyard message to Batman

20 Jul 2009

It's easy to approve a new uranium mine when it is out of mind and out of sight - but just because we don't see a place every day doesn't mean that we should risk ruining it forever.

That's how the Environment Minister Peter Garrett and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson are able to approve environmentally destructive projects like General Atomics new Beverley 4 Mile mine, 500 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The Australian Government allows our uranium to be sold to nuclear weapon states such as China. Uranium sold for nuclear power frees up uranium for nuclear weapons so our exports directly or indirectly fuel growing nuclear instability and threats across our region and around the world.

That's why it's important to let our politicians know, in their own backyards, that this massive expansion of uranium mining must stop.

With your help, we are proposing to send the postcard message below to every of the 87,930 voters in Batman electorate, the backyard of the Resources Minister Martin Ferguson.

For every signature we receive here, one postcard will be sent to a resident in this electorate, with the following message: