Petition for Equal Pay for the community sector

08 Dec 2010

The Australian Services Union, on behalf of 200,000 workers in the Social and Community sector, has lodged an Equal Remuneration Order (ERO) with Fair Work Australia. The ERO seeks to address the wage inequality between workers in the community sector as compared to those in similar roles within Government and For-Profit sectors. The Union is asking for pay rises of between 14-50%, bringing the predominantly female industry to parity with the Government and the for-profit sector.

Workers driving the Campaign for Equal Pay are those in the Social and Community Sector – careers, disability support workers, youth workers, counsellors and domestic violence support workers. 87% of workers in this sector are women, most in low-paid jobs, providing invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable people in our community in what are intellectually and emotionally strenuous roles. These workers fall under the Social and Community Sector (SACS) award classification.


Minister Carr: spend aid to alleviate poverty, not on inhumane detention

18 Dec 2012

The Labor Government has just announced that around $400 million will be cut from foreign aid, and used to fund the cruel indefinite detention of vulnerable people who come to Australia seeking our pr


Vote ‘aye’ with us tomorrow for a Clean Energy Future

07 Nov 2011

Moments we can truly celebrate in the campaign to tackle the climate crisis are few and far between, but tomorrow is one of those moments.

The fossil fuel industry has spent millions of dollars trying to prevent and delay climate action. Tony Abbott has run a massive scare campaign, backed by his cheer squad in the Murdoch press. But tomorrow morning the Senate will pass into law the Clean Energy Future Package that the Greens put on the political agenda and negotiated with the government.

My Green Senate colleagues will be voting 'aye' tomorrow morning - add your voice to those in the Senate below.

This most recent journey started in January 2010, when, after the collapse of the failed CPRS, the Greens suggested starting an emissions trading scheme with a fixed price to break the deadlock over targets. The government chose to sideline that proposal at the time, but when they found themselves with Greens in balance of power in both houses after last year’s election, they signed an agreement with us to deliver a carbon price mechanism in this period of government.

Through the Multi-Party Climate Committee that was established as part of that agreement, we negotiated a package which puts a price on pollution and invests billions of dollars in clean, renewable energy, energy efficiency and protecting our magnificent forest carbon stores.

Critically, this package is designed to be strengthened as time goes on, with opportunities to lift our ambition closer to what the science demands every single year. In a very real way, tomorrow’s vote is only the first step – we now need to work harder than ever to build the political will for deep cuts in pollution and the shift to 100% renewable energy. Only then will the framework we’ve set up in these bills really come into their own.

The Clean Energy Future Package would not have happened without the hard work of climate scientists, policy experts and, of course, the community. Without the thousands of rallies and public meetings, hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions and the millions of Australians who voted for climate action, we would not have reaching this critical point.

We want to share this moment with you, so please add your name to the 'ayes' tomorrow morning..

Here’s to the onward journey!


Have your say on Australia's Terror Laws

19 Aug 2009

The Greens have been calling for review of our anti-terrorism laws since well before the Rudd government was elected. Rammed through our Parliament in 2005, the Howard-Ruddock anti-terrorism laws demand urgent review and overhaul rather than strengthening, because of how seriously they undermine our human and civil rights.

A 448-page National Security Legislation Discussion Paper on Australia's anti-terrorism legislation was introduced to the parliament by the Attorney General Robert McClelland on 12 August 2009. It is open for comment until 25 September 2009.


Queensland Forests: too precious to lose

26 Feb 2013

Premier Newman has ripped up the agreement between industry and environment groups forged over decades to protect our remaining native forests, threatening about 2 million hectares in central and Nort


Make the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement text public

09 Mar 2012

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a trade agreement being negotiated between Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Join us in thanking the legal team who defeated the Malaysia people swap deal

02 Sep 2011

On Wednesday the High Court made a landmark ruling against Government’s Malaysian people swap deal.

Some people are now criticising the court and the lawyers who took the case. But many Australians want to thank those involved in taking it on.

In fact, they’ve done this on behalf of compassionate Australians who always knew the government’s move was wrong.

Australia should never have entered into a deal with a country where rights could not be guaranteed.

With the majority of Australians outraged over the Malaysia deal, particularly the expulsion of unaccompanied children, this decision is testament the hard work of the legal team led by Debbie Mortimer SC and David Manne.

Please add your thanks to the work of the legal team in upholding the rule of law, and Australia’s obligations to vulnerable people.

Off-shore processing is a policy which defies common sense because it is not a deterrent, is expensive to maintain and merely breaks already fragile people.

It’s time for the major parties to abandon offshore processing.

After 10 years of failed policies, a new approach is needed.

Let the legal team know that there is support for an alternative.


5% emission target is not enough

17 Dec 2008

On Monday, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd raised the white flag of surrender on climate change when he announced an emissions reduction target for Australia of just 5% below 2000 levels (4% below 1990 levels).
On Tuesday, Australians gathered in capital cities to begin the community campaign to tell Kevin Rudd: ‘No surrender on climate change'.


Could you really live on $35 a day, Minister?

02 Jan 2013

The Labor Government started 2013 by taking up to 84,000 single parents who are struggling to find work off parenting support and dumping them on Newstart – or the dole.