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Auditor-General's report on East West Link

06 Feb 2016

Senator Janet Rice speaks to the Auditor-General's report on East West Link funding.

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What Assistance did the Australian Government provide to the Sri Lankan Criminal Investigation Department (CID)?

05 Feb 2016

Can the Attorney-General confirm that Australia, via the Australian Federal Police (AFP) , has provided the CID with equipment? Did Australia supply Sri Lanka with the infamous 'white vans'?


Human Rights Abuses in Australia's name? Overdue Questions on Notice

04 Feb 2016

Very, very serious allegations are raised in these questions, and I do not bring them up lightly. They are so serious-and I will step through some of them in brief in a moment-that you would think that the foreign minister, or the Minister for Justice or the Attorney-General, for that matter, would have sought to have shut them down immediately if the allegations that are raised in these questions are not true. But instead of taking the opportunity to rebut these allegations and provide some evidence to back those rebuttals I am forced to raise this issue now, because in some instances answers are several weeks overdue.


After David Bulmer-Rizzi's death, we must recognise foreign same-sex marriages

04 Feb 2016

The death of English tourist David Bulmer-Rizzi was a wake-up call for our backwards marriage laws. Senator Rice says the least we can do is recognise overseas same-sex marriage.


Time to act on recognising overseas same-sex marriages

04 Feb 2016

Overseas marriage recognition laws must be standardised across the country to avoid the heartache and humiliation experienced by a British man refused next of kin status, after his husband died in Adelaide while the couple was on holiday, the Australian Greens say.


Strong local opposition at all 6 proposed nuclear waste dump sites

04 Feb 2016

There is strong local opposition exists at all six sites currently under consideration for a nuclear waste dump in Australia. The communities of Hill End in New South Wales, Omanama in Queensland, Hale in the Northern Territory, Cortlinye, Pinkawillinie and Barndioota in South Australia have all said no.

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