Estimates: was there a peer reviewed business case for the Western Distributor?

11 May 2016

Infrastructure Australia acknowledge that they knew that independent peer reviews existed for the Western Distributor toll road


Estimates: WestConnex and Western Distributor

09 May 2016

Janet Rice uses Senate estimates to question the department over WestConnex and the Western Distributor toll roads, including the existence of a peer reviewed business case


Estimates: what's in the budget for Smart Cities and red gums on Western Highway

09 May 2016

With a lot of talk about Smart Cities, it turns out there is very little committed to making it easier for people to get around from the Turnbull government.


Estimates: logging breaches in Murray Valley NP

09 May 2016

Janet Rice seeks answers on what the Commonwealth will do after clear evidence of breaches of logging size limits in Murray Valley National Park


Local paper should not involved destruction of native forests

05 May 2016

Senator Rice outlines the Greens support for the use of Australian paper if it is paper produced from plantation stock and from recycled stock, so it does not involve the destruction of native forests.


The protection of health facilities and other civilian targets under international law

04 May 2016

The protection of health facilities and other civilian targets in international law, including the Geneva Conventions, should be uncontroversial. It should not be something that we even need to raise in here.

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