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Mental Health: what did we find out in Estimates?

03 Mar 2015

Penny asks questions about the future of the mental health system after the National Mental Health Commission Review report is released. 


Attempt to abolish these tax offsets are another ideological attack

03 Mar 2015

In seeking to repeal the seafarers tax offset, to the research and development tax offset and to the mature age worker tax offset, the Abbott government continues its ideological attacks on those who can least afford it. Senator Rice speaks to the Tax and Superannuation Laws Amendment (2014 Measures No. 5) Bill 2014.


Parlimentary debate critical before military deployment in Iraq

03 Mar 2015

Scott speaks in the Senate about the importance of Parliamentary debate prior to deployment of Australian armed forces overseas, rather than allowing the decision to be made though another of Tony Abbott's captain's calls. 


More professional mental health workers needed in country areas

03 Mar 2015

Senator Wright's motion in favour of providing incentives for mental health professionals to practise outside major cities

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Question Time: Should George Brandis resign over Gillian Triggs mis-handling?

02 Mar 2015

If losing the confidence of the Liberal Party is grounds for resignation, what is Attorney-General and, indeed, the Prime Minister, still doing in their jobs?


George Brandis has fundamentally failed to do his job

02 Mar 2015

Senator Penny Wright speaks in support of a motion to censure Attorney-General George Brandis over his attacks on the Human Rights Commission and its president Gillian Triggs.

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