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We've boundless plains to share, unless you're seeking asylum

05 Dec 2014

Senator Janet Rice speaks on the Migration and Maritime Powers Amendment (Resolving the Asylum Legacy Caseload) Bill 2014, pointing out it will devastate the lives of real people who are suffering through no fault of their own.


Senator Ludlam speech on Morrison's latest cruelty to refugees- "And so it comes to this..."

04 Dec 2014

And so it comes to this. Refugee children used like poker chips in a sordid political race to the bottom. How bad can it get? Worse than we thought.


Nuclear-Capable Strategic Bombers in Northern Territory

04 Dec 2014

This year Australia's, America's and other nations' airforces held air exercises in the Northern Territory for Excercise Pitch Black.
Hearing word that there were B-52 bombers, a strategic bomber synonymous with their nuclear weapons capabilities, Scott decided to confirm or deny the rumour.
Whilst at it, he decided to make sure that we're not hosting dangerous nuclear targets on home soil, and that we're abiding by our obligations under the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty.
Whilst refusing to answer on the first question, the government insists its abiding by the treaty, which requires Australia to not allow nuclear weapons to be stationed on our territory.


thanks to you, the Opposition

04 Dec 2014

For reasons unintended, this Government is unifying the Australian community. 


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