Marriage equality: the time has come

The message is loud and clear: Australia is ready for marriage equality. 

Right around the world, marriage equality is becoming a reality for many LGBTI couples. 

We have an exciting opportunity here – let’s work together and get marriage equality in place.

With the support of the majority of Australians, the time is right for marriage equality. The community understands that it's an issue of basic fairness.

Marriage equality is an important step towards reducing discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex Australians in same sex relationships, and their families.

The Greens have listened to the community right from the start and we've acted. We are the only party that has voted for equality - every Bill, every time.

The Greens have put a Private Members Bill before parliament that would remove discrimination from the Marriage Act and give same-sex couples the right to marry and allow for overseas same-sex marriages to be recognised in Australia.

If the parliament votes for marriage equality, Australia will join countries like Ireland, Canada, Spain, Sweden and South Africa in recognising same-sex marriage.

We have an exciting opportunity here – let’s work together and get marriage equality right.

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Have your say on marriage equality plebiscite

27 Aug 2015

Submissions have opened on the Senate inquiry into the form of any plebiscite that may be held on marriage equality.


Senate puts “people’s vote” into the hands of people

20 Aug 2015

While the cross-party marriage equality bill is still live in the House of Representatives, the Senate has established an inquiry into any plebiscite that would be held on marriage equality.


Plebiscite bill an Abbott insurance policy

19 Aug 2015

The Greens are committed to a successful vote on marriage equality in the Parliament, but have presented a cross-party bill to the Senate to ensure any plebiscite is not held on Tony Abbott’s terms.


Abbott devoid of leadership on marriage

17 Aug 2015

Senator Janet Rice speaks on why the Prime Minister is showing a complete lack of leadership on marriage equality.


Take note: government missing on marriage leadership

12 Aug 2015

Taking note of QT answers by Senator Abetz on marriage equality, Janet Rice says the government is playing games instead of listening to people's views and ending the discrimination of loving couples and their families.

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