Live Animal Exports

The Greens have a bill before parliament to end the live export trade.

Live exports were banned for a short time in 2011 following the ABC's Four Corners exposure of the cruel trade that brutally exploits animals. The Labor Government was forced to stop the trade and set up an inquiry as public outrage and concern was so strong. However the live export trade has since resumed, and in March 2014 the Coalition Government announced it was re-opening the live export trade to Egypt. 

The recommendations from the Senate Inquiry into Animal Welfare Standards, released in November 2011, did not go far enough.  In 2012 the government introduced a new Export Supply Chain Assurance Scheme (ESCAS)to better regulate animal welfare, but it has failed and further proof of cruel, distressing treatment of exported animals continues to emerge.

The Australian Greens will keep working with animal welfare activists to push for mandatory pre-slaughter stunning in Australia and to end live exports. We want to see improved and increased processing in Australia to support local producers and jobs. Processing animals in Australia protects them from inhumane treatment and ensures our laws and standards regarding animal welfare can be upheld.

Lee Rhiannon is the Greens’ animal rights spokesperson.  Together with her Greens colleagues, Lee is working hard towards an end to the live export trade.  We need your support for Lee's bill to ban the live export trade. 


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New evidence further exposes live export regulation farce

13 Oct 2015

The Greens say fresh evidence of live export abuse aired on 7.30 is further proof that the Australian government's regulations are doing very little to end the enormous suffering of animals overseas.


Cattle killed with sledgehammers – strengthens case to end live exports

20 May 2015

Greens animal welfare spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon today said the report that Australian cattle exported to some South East Asian countries are killed with sledgehammers is further evidence that the live export trade must end.


Live animal export company - Livestock Shipping Services – should have licence suspended

22 Oct 2014

LSS is again in the spotlight for animal abuse while investigation of previous breaches of animal welfare regulations in the Middle East continue.


Joyce live export obsession robs jobs from rural communities

28 May 2014

This expansion into Iran is happening while allegations of criminal misconduct within the live export trade are still being investigated


4000 sheep deaths at sea - accountability needed

17 Jan 2014

The Department of Agriculture (DAFF) should explain to the Australian public why a disaster of such magnitude has been kept a secret for the past five months.


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