Tasmanian community takes action on pulp mill


Twenty-five Tasmanians were arrested yesterday on the doors of our Parliament House. Why? Because they were part of a peaceful protest calling on the government to hear the community, redress the Pulp Mill Assessment Act, and begin a Royal Commission into the corrupt approval process surrounding Gunns' plans to build an environmentally destructive pulp mill. About half of the mostly middle-aged, peaceful activists were arrested and charged with failing to obey a direction and later bailed on the condition they did not return to Parliament House for 24 hours. What nonsense! A healthy democracy needs active participation. People have every right to protest outside what is known in real democracies as the people's house. When will our state and federal governments wake up and realise that Tasmanians value their natural environment and their magnificent forests? Tasmanians do not want a polluting pulp mill, and no amount of government heavy handedness is going to stop them from saying so.