Mr Abbott – Don’t Privatise Our Unis

The Abbott Government has announced changes that will lead to university fees as high as $100,000.

It has also announced drastic changes to our universities, which could include giving private, for-profit institutions the same access to government funding as public universities.

Asking students to foot the bill for a new, elitist university system is unfair - and the university sector will suffer as a result.

Universities are already facing uncertainty and significant budget stress, with the Abbott government ripping $5.8 billion out of universities in their first budget.

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Dear Prime Minister Abbott and Minister Pyne,

I support strong public universities. I oppose privatising our university system, and increasing fees for students - we need to do more, not less, to help students get to uni.

Universities are already facing uncertainty and significant budget stress. Your government is already proposing to rip billions of dollars in funding out of universities over the next four years.

Giving public money to private providers is poor public policy – and asking students to foot the bill is even worse.

We’ve already seen the devastating impact that unfair competition from private providers is having on TAFE. Thousands of TAFE teachers have lost their jobs, student fees have skyrocketed and TAFE campuses have been forced into mergers.

I ask you to reverse your decision to redirect public funds to private, for-profit institutions and increase university fees. Our public universities must be properly funded.

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