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Time for a national ICAC, lobbying reform and donations overhaul

Lee Rhiannon 6 Jun 2017
The latest political donations scandal engulfing the major parties is further evidence of the need for far-reaching reform to clean up the political process, Greens spokesperson for democracy Senator Lee Rhiannon said.
“From cash for access dinners to opaque lobbyist activities and enormous corporate donations, influence peddling in Australian politics is rife. 
“The door has been left wide open for corporations and super rich individuals to distort the political process and skew decision making.
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Greens welcome open letter from Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities on Uluru Statement

The Australian Greens welcome the open letter from the Australian Council of Human Rights Authorities urging all political parties to take heed of the Uluru Statement and to implement real change.

“I urge the community to get behind the Uluru Statement and let all sides of politics know that they don't want it to collect dust on a Parliament House shelf.

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Greens back public schools in Senate inquiry

The Australian Greens have reaffirmed their commitment to Australian public schools during today’s Senate inquiry hearing into the government’s proposed schools funding plan.

"We stand with public schools and their principals who have told the Senate today that the current law is not good enough, but that it's also not fair to make kids in underfunded schools wait ten years to catch up to their peers in wealthier schools,” the Greens’ education spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Centrelink busy signals balloon out to 42 million from start of the financial year to April 30

The number of calls to Centrelink that hit a busy signal has ballooned out to 42 million from start of financial year to April 30, up from 29 million for 2015-16.

“42 million busy signals. This is an astronomical number representing Australians trying to access supports, adjust their payments, seek information or update their earnings. That is a lot of frustrated people who may be exasperated and struggling.

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Big win for animals - cruelty free cosmetics bill starts journey into law

The introduction into the federal parliament of legislation that takes the first step towards ending the testing of cosmetics on animals is a great credit to the nationwide community and Greens campaign, Senator Lee Rhiannon the Greens animal welfare spokesperson said. 

“It is significant that the federal government is now backing a bill that will bring Australia closer to the European Union’s ban on cosmetic animal testing and the Greens End Cruel Cosmetics Bill,” Senator Rhiannon said. 

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